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  1. I use flash 11 with cm7 rom. Using elitmovil I found 10.3 was better. It depends on the configuration. Just try 11 and if that doesnt play all your streams try 10,3...
  2. Have you rebooted after installing flash? If you have then delete flash, reboot and install the 10.3 flash version from first page and then reboot again...after that it should work.....10.3 works better with some people's configuration...
  3. It's a good excuse to drive down to Devon, weathers been bloody good for this time of year :) and off season B&B prices...
  4. Choose buy or reserve and you'll see they don't deliver and all the argos shops are sold out... Argos cleared their large stock of OMC's very quickly for whatever reason...maybe they were hoping for sales similar to Blade last year...they ended up selling it cheaper than the blade Maybe they'll get another shipment soon....
  5. They're selling the HTC EVO 3D in the electronic chain store Media Markt in Germany for £220 - €269
  6. I put the files on mediafire...megaupload is down as youve all heard...
  7. thanks to the US of Ass the links on the first page are down...I will put the files on to another file share site....basturds
  8. guys, our omc's can do anything SGS2 or dual core smartphones do, only at half the speed...sort of like an Albatross at a third the price of a dual core :D with tripple the battery time....I'm on 66% battery after 18 hours of moderate use with wifi, bluetooth music, some news streaming...thumbs up for the arm6 800Mhz cpu :D I've been playing around with an HTC EVO 3D and it lasted 6 hours with moderate use, just charging up for the second time today. nearly 3 hours for a single charge :o unbelievable for a £300 phone... dont be put off by comments like from randsomman....unless you've got £300 to burn
  9. With at least 10 roms maybe its time to have a skate rom/dev section...the roms for example gingerblue, bluemonte, elitmovil keep getting lost many pages back and new users dont know about them
  10. Here's mine, Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  11. Here is a little m3u_maker.bat m3u playlist maker, just stick it in the album file, double click it and it makes you a xx.m3u playlist of all the music in that folder in a second....won't take tooo long to get through all your 450GB's...:D
  12. Ceco Here is a thread Ive opened with RTL roms... Use this patch to enable RTL languages...
  13. Thanks for the release and welcome C3co new skate dev :D You've deodexed so if you don't mind I'll post an RTL (right to left language) supported version for our exotic skate users.... I see you've included link2sd...any chance of including darktremors ap2sd script into the rom? I find having native sd-ext support is much better than apps like link2sd...
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