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  1. I'm using RLS7 and I can't update the Google Search apk via the market because it errors, saying it's not signed properly. I've tried deleting the apk manually and installing fresh from the market but it again errors, saying it's incompatible. I don't want to reflash the rom really because I'm happy with my current set-up at the moment but I was wondering if anyone knew how to resolve this issue?
  2. If you're in England then typically it'll take anywhere between 14 and 21 days.
  3. The FAQ has a quick guide under the heading "I want to use A2SD but what do I do". My understanding that the only thing that won't work when an app is stored on the SD card is you will be unable to have the associated widget on your 'desktop'. As for performance, I am unsure if it's unduly effected. I anticipate any performance loss would be minuscule, if at all.
  4. Cheers lads ROM Manager kept force closing, even after clearing data for it and Super User, so I did it the old? way I used to do it, with the update.zip. Struggled to find an update img though, but found which should be good enough I suppose. With CM7.1 being GEN2 only I think I'll go with MMHMP rls7. Thanks again
  5. Hi, I've got a GEN1 OLED blade. I rooted it and it's currently running ClockworkMod and FLB-Froyo r6. I haven't, obviously, updated in a while. I want to flash CM7.1 while retaining my blade as GEN1, but first I want to update ClockworkMod. My question is: How do I update CWM? Is it safe just to use the 'flash ClockworkMod..' option from inside ROM Manager these days?
  6. How about this one then... 'Phone is SIM Network Subset Locked' is displayed when waking phone from standby When using the pattern-lock screen, when the lock is on, and before you enter the pattern to unlock the phone the message "Phone is SIM Network Subset Locked" is displayed. Using a Vodafone PAYG sim on an obviously unlocked SanFran OLED.
  7. Anyone else have these issues with RLS6? Touchpal doesn't work when dictionary is turned on When I select the input method as 'touchpal' and also have the dictionary enabled to predict words and correct spelling, if I go to type anything the keyboard will close whenever a letter is pressed. If the dictionary is turned off, then touchpal works but obviously won't predict words or correct errors. When receiving calls from people in my contacts it doesn't display the name, just the number If I get a call from, say, "John" who I have in my contacts it will display "Johns" number but not his name or picture. Basically it won't display anything that's in the contact information almost as if it isn't using it. I've tried syncing the contacts with google, tried restoring from my backups.. still the same issue.
  8. Not sure if this has been answered before, thread is too long.... OLED SF, Clockwork, wiped cache and user data, installed RLS6 from Clockwork menu. After reboot it just hangs at Android man? Tried installing it again but it does the same.. not sure what else to try?
  9. No I don't have clockwork on my phone. I never used that method to install R1. I presume I'm being too paranoid but I just want to double check I won't permanently ruin anything if I install a new rom via Clockwork.
  10. Hi Had my SanFran since October and installed the first custom rom (r1 I believe) with MCRi. Now I want to update it to the latest r4. My question is, is it safe just to follow the clockwork method as if I haven't rooted the phone before?
  11. I used 'screenshot' from the marketplace. As per the strange 'bug' with the San Francisco though, the images come out upside down. Here's mine, nothing fancy.
  12. Running r3 mcr, you press the home button while on the home screen.
  13. Took this the day I got the phone while on the stock orange rom...
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