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  1. Hi I've got a Huawei Ascend Y300 which I decided to root last night. I used the method described here using the files from that page too, and it all went fine. I was installing some font packs afterwards which required me to reboot, after a few times it got stuck on the boot screen. I'm now not able to get it back up and running. I tried the same method as I originally used to root (putting the same files in 'dload' on the sd card and restarting with both vol buttons held), that goes through and says update ok, but it still hangs at the boot screen. I've tried downloading an original ROM from huaweidevice.com (HUAWEI Y300 firmware(Y300-0100,Android 4.1,Emotion UI,V100R001C00B175,General Version) but when I try to extract the .zip it says it's password protected, I'm sure I'm doing something wrong! Can anybody talk me through fixing this? I can get the phone on the pink screen (download mode? although I can't access it from the computer), and also into recovery mode. I've got a card reader so I can transfer files onto the phone that way. If you need any more info then please ask! Thanks in advance.
  2. When I try to flash this it fails. TWRP says "Error executing updater binary in zip". Any ideas? I'd like to try this rom!
  3. Can anybody share with me the apk for the launcher that comes on the stock ROM? Or provide a link? I can't find the correct version online! Thanks in advance
  4. Can anybody share with me the apk for the launcher that comes on the stock ROM? Or provide a link? I can't find the correct version online! Thanks in advance
  5. I would second this. I want to put my phone back to stock and need a flash-able .zip of the untouched original if somebody would be so kind as to provide it (and assuming it's possible?) Thanks
  6. I've used a few different custom ROMs that I've flashed with TWRP but I'd now like to revert to stock. I haven't got any backup of the original ROM. How can I revert back to stock? When I download the firmware from the Huawei site it just gives me a zip file with the UPDATE.APP (IIRC) file. Can I use that to flash with TWRP or not? Thanks in advance
  7. I've tried that but I just get the pink screen (download mode?). Did I read a while back that this method only works if the rom that you're trying to flash is a newer version, ie it won't 'update' to an earlier version? I've tried lots of roms and the status bar disappears a lot on them all. I'm just trying to get a stable rom if anybody has any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  8. I didn't need a password in the end. I used 7-zip rather than WinZip and it didn't as for the password
  9. Yeah bick I was thinking earlier about trying a few custom ROMs to see what's what! I've only ever messed with an older version of android before and I've had boot loop so many times (on the same phone) but I've always been able to flash it with no problems. That was ages ago now though and I must admit I felt a bit out of my depth here.
  10. Thanks for the help guys. I've flashed TWRP and installed the FusionX ROM and it's working again! I may look at reverting to a stock ROM in the near future but I'm happy to have a usable phone again!
  11. In all honesty I haven't got a clue! I've just unlocked the bootloader though, does that mean I can now flash a custom ROM? Does that eliminate the need to know the original firmware version?
  12. That all sounds promising jackosterman! Could I trouble you in pointing me in the direction of more information/instructions on how to go about these things? I've read a lot in the last 12 hours and a lot of it is now blurring into one! How do I go about unlocking the bootloader when the phone is in its current state? Did I read somewhere that I need some information from the phone to get a bootloader unlock code from huawei?
  13. Thanks for the replies. I have managed to unzip the official ROM from the link I put up, although sticking that on the SD card and using the phone to update fails. What are my options? Am I going to be able to flash a stock ROM using ADB or something similar? Like I say I can get into recovery mode on the phone. Thanks again
  14. I've got an LG Optimus GT540 running 2.1, and use ADW launcher which has the ability to auto hide the notification bar, and bring it back with a gesture. This is great but only works on the homescreen. I would like to hide it while I'm using certain apps, so that I've got a tiny bit more room on the screen and it looks a bit prettier. Is there any way to do this if the app doesn't have a full screen mode? Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Craig
  15. craigb87

    Killed my phone

    Hi I've flashed my phone several times before and I have had various errors in the past but always managed to reflash using KDZ while the phone was in download mode. Now there was an error and my phone has NO power. There is charge in the battery but it will not go into download mode, and the computer doesn't recognise that the phone is plugged in. I've tried everything I can think of but can't reflash the phone. Any suggestions before I take the phone back to try and get it repaired?
  16. craigb87

    Killed my phone

    I haven't left the battery out for 5 mins but the phone doesn't go into download mode with the battery out and it plugged in via usb
  17. Hi I'm having a bit of trouble with my phone (lg optimus gt540 running 2.1). I use different twitter apps and have just noticed that the profile pictures look awful on every app that I use (seesmic, twitter for LG, tweetcaster pro, twidroid pro, tweetdeck, touiteur) as well as on facebook. It has not always been like this. I have tried various things to get this sorted, have removed app2sd (had full app2sd installed so thought it might be a case of cache'ing to the sd card not working properly, but that's not fixed it as installing with no memory card doesn't change anything) Re-flashed using various ROMs, hard reset, but nothing helps! It's really annoying me now as I don't see the point in having a good phone and it look wa#k when using apps. Hopefully there will be an easy way to fix this but I've run out of things to try. Anyone got any suggestions? this is what they're looking like: http://flic.kr/p/953eqx http://flic.kr/p/953esi
  18. craigb87

    New UK updates available

    Can anyone upload the file for the latest UK carphone version, im on o2. Not sure if theres a different version for each
  19. not sure about using the volume rocker but there's an app called 'audio manager' that allows you to control the alarm, media, alerts (and vibrate), ringer (and vibrate), system, and voice call volume all within the app. It has a slider for each of them and you can set profiles. There's even a widget so you can see what the volumes are set as before you play a cheeky game!
  20. craigb87

    can't install apps from market after rooting

    I had the same thing, just open google talk that's already on your phone. When that signs in your download will start.
  21. craigb87

    Root LG GT540 with 1 click running 2.1 OS

    I'm trying to do this but with no luck. I have downloaded the zip file, unzipped. Connected my phone by USB and set USB debugging. Double clicked root.bat but it keeps saying 'device not found'. What should I try?

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