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  1. Wonderful! Before I also had memory issues. Titanium shows around 21mb free only, and each time this free space was under 20 : low mem message... I switch dalvik to ext2 part and now I have 120Mb free!!!! I did all the switch with link2sdgui... great. My ext2 isn't 1,5Gb, but 512Mb only and it seems sufficient.
  2. I got a really strange issue. Google maps isn't working. I can't tell if it's since I switched to gingerounay. Each time I launch Gmaps all start well but after few seconds I get a message "connexion error" (can't tell if it's the real text in english, cause I'm french). Even with this message I can zoom, move but if I try to search an address, phone switch to create / log on a google account as if I had no account on my phone. I also get some warning icon with attached text : attempt to log on [email protected] (xxx is my account). All other apps (Gmail, market...) work well. I try to search on french forum, nothing concrete found. As I'm not sure of english real text I also doesn't find anything on english forums. I try to uninstall / reinstall gmaps, clear data & cache, rebuild dalvik, reboot phone.... no change... If anyone cn help... ...how stupid I can be... I just had to open notification and allow google maps to log on my account...
  3. Great, it's working! Funny detail. I noticed that when the low mem warning icon is there, top icons stay white. After Dalvik clean up, low mem icon disapear and icon went back to green. When white it was impossible to get mails even when forcing sync. Itry to reinstall few apps and low mem icon went back. Guess what... top icon stay white... uninstall + clean up dalvik = no low mem and green was back... About apps attached to second account, it seems that origin was the recent bug (now fixed) on the market : random switch between accounts... I certainly install / update some apps on the second account without noticing. Another question : how to get rid off the "installed apps" listed on the market ?
  4. Few questions / issues: I use 2 accounts on my phone. If most of apps (on market) appear on my main account, I can see few ones also attached on my alternate accound. Do they use twice space? How to get rid of this?Top icons (radio, data, wifi) are mostly green, but sometime white and I can notice they switch from one color to the other when they want... What's this?My mem seems to be full (warning notofication persistent). I'm using link2sd only for apps. I reinstall exactly the same apps than former intallation (metalounay 2.5), take care to get rid of useless versions of system apps and even remove some uselss ones... But mem really seems to be full. Any idea?
  5. Just to say that all is fine for me. Switch from Froyo to 2.3.6 take a bit of time but worth it. So far, no issue... Happy to say Vache is doing a great work (and also Acer by keeping LM up to date)
  6. Great, I'll try very soon. Process is to flash 1.100.35 bin and after flashing metalounay ?
  7. SD is definitively dead: PC can't see it when plugged with adapter (many tests). I didn't do any special thing yesterday... An I don't know if SD crash caused the issue or if SD is damaged by something I did... To recover: I flash 1.100.06 in AMSS mode. I flash 1.100.24 Root Amonra Recovery Metalounay 1.2 + 1.2.1 Restore from Titanium Happily (...) I had a former backup by Titanium 15 days old... I could have been worse... Now I have to ask for SD refund...
  8. I think I'm on the worse scenario. I plugged my sd on my computer and I get message "insert a disk in drive". GetDataBack doesn't see my card (sd adapter)... Clear start : KO Wipe all : KO Any chance if I reformat the SD card from liquid on same base than before an try to retore data from GetDataBack???
  9. Seems to not be possible by Amonra Recovery... When I enter the menu I get error.
  10. It's very stange... My Metal "profile": * rooted * Amonra * Metalounay ROM from Vache * 806 undervolted boot from Davidevinavil * a2sd on ext2 This morning when I wanted to power up my metal, Android logo keeps looping and looping. Not rebooting, but "android" text animation is endless. I think it was coming from battery. It was on load all morning, but still looping. By the way the battery led seems OK. I try to go to Amonra and do a back-up before any action, backup started but after few points, display an error and asked to process thru adb. I try to repair Ext2 part. Error message. I try to reflash any ROM from Amonra Menu : error (directory can't be find) All I try regarding SD from Amonra sends an error. I can switch to Mass Storage, but PC shows a "F:" drive but no access possible. I try to boot with SD removed : always looping... I can't check SD right now. Any idea? Should I try an hard reset? I hope SD content isn't damaged (titanium backup and else are on this one). Thanks for any help!
  11. ext partition is only to use the a2sd (apps to SD), but not the regular froyo way. This is an option in some ROM. But you can install a ROM without creating any part on SD before. Just do it if you want to use it. Keep in mind that parting sd from the liquid will erase all your datas on the SD. I red somewhere: "if you don't know the difference between ext2, 3 and 4, just use ext2".
  12. All android version are showned for all type of liquid (even 3.0 for basic liquid). So definively a bug. I think a tablet is coming and acer prepared the website.
  13. For me 806 is OK since almost a week and about 10 reboot. No real issue to notice, and for sure boot is OK (not the case on 900 version).
  14. Sorry to say, but this one didn't worked for me. Blue android is OK, but after few seconds android text animation freeze, freeze... and after 1 minute (or something loooong) the phone reboot. Removed battery. Same thing (excatly) 3 times. Flash back the 806, and all is back to normal.
  15. This topic should be sticked... Can I add hard reboot ? Total wipe, total reset of the phone (tip posted few posts above didn't worked for me)... 1/ power button 2/ when vibrate : vol+ and vol- together 3/ A menu will appear, only the reset question, choose YES/NO with vol keys, validate with photo 4/ phone reboot.
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