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  1. as i get bored of all the android 4.x roms for the blade, i would like to switch to eco-cm7. is there an tpt image which creates a system partition around the size that eco cm7 needs? is there a way to get a look closer to android 4.x? blue battery and clock in the notification bar etc.?
  2. Hello, i cant find the option to set the preferred install path for play store apps to the SD card!?
  3. CWM-/BM-flashable JB-AOKP version from 10/10/2012: http://www.share-online.biz/dl/8APXEOBMVBV based on ContactsProvider.apk from http://www.crackflasher.com/forum/droid-razr-development/24-rom-gsm-cm10-stock-jellybean-nightlies-compiled-by-x.html
  4. same for me, tried to format /system, system wipe, but continues reboots with the kang-horse. tried it several times, sometimes i arrived at the launcher-selection, but after selecting it, it reboots again. are there two launchers included (nova launcher and launcher2/trebuchet)? i really formated /system, that's why i ask. Have to go back to AOKP-CM9 Remix for now.
  5. i tried coldfusion and this cm9 here and i never got it working, it scans the files and starts to play for some time, but then it gets unresponsive after max 1 minute. it doesnt skip tracks or opens menus and doesnt update the screen anymore and then FCs - so it seems to be related to ICS on the Blade.
  6. i also had been annoyed until i found out that i just have to use the hardware back-button to hide the keyboard. the only thing is, that you cannot fade-in the keyboard like you could with cm7 by long pressing the menu button, but i can live with that as long as i can hide it. Btw: Does someone get PowerAMP to work on the Blade with ICS? It works on my ICSed Defy and it worked on my Blade with CM7 and stock-rom, but doesnt work on the ICSed Blade.
  7. I downloaded update-cm-9-20120226-NIGHTLY-blade-signed.zip, removed the content of /media/video and installed it into a 160mb partition, after a reboot, i installed mini-gapps-ics-20120224-signed.zip and Titanium Backup tells me that there are still 10MB free. But i have the following issues: * I can download apps from the market, but the GMail app is listed as not compatible and the phone is not listed when i browse the market on my computer * there are no standard live wallpaper Is there something i can do about that?
  8. in my case, the sms service center was wrong. just type *#*#4636#*#* (or *#*#INFO#*#*) on the dialing keyboard and at the end of "phone information" you can check the SMSC number. I had the number of another provider in my country, don't know why. ask google for the correct number for your provider's smsc.
  9. @legionfx: next time, please don't make a full quote right after the entry you refer to, or at least just don't include the picture. and i guess portuguese is just not important enough to the majority of potential testers , so it's not part of a *test* build - like burstlam mentioned. same with most other languages in this world. just wait for a later more advanced build and there will be more languages available.
  10. at least the sim pin saves unexpected costs on the next bill. i don't think that the usual thefts are interested in common personal phone data, especially not in my ones. so i am fine with your answer, thanks. Regarding FM: will there be a standard FM application in the the next stable version?
  11. yes it is a security lack, as some of us use the lock screen that have a gesture, keyword or code to unlock. so if someone steal your phone and your sim card is protected by a pin, usually there is no way to use your sim card and maybe some phone data are secured, too. is it possible to copy anything from the phone data (expect SD card) if the phone is locked by anything mentioned?
  12. Ohh sorry, didnt see that a question was already answered, i was still on page 4.
  13. i accept some rare advertisement short messages and have to reply to one of them once a month (reply is free of charge) and get a free data flat, speed is reduced to 56k after 200MB which is ok for mobile phones. netzclub.net / Germany btw: is there any mobile phone platform that support navigation with TMC over FM? Any apps for android?
  14. i agree, the brightness change should be faster and sometimes it doesnt work anyway - and looks like i'm not alone with that problem as several people here need further instruction for the usage. on the other hand, it's a neat feature. maybe there are some other slidebar features which could be adjusted that way. On the other hand, i still don't know what's the problem with the autobrightness, maybe because i don't make calls that often with this phone as i use another low end one with a much better standby time. i got it some years ago bundled with a prepaid card for 2€ - simlock free! i guess alot blade users are cheap charlies like me :D edit: sorry for being a little bit offtopic
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