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  1. Hi. I have a little problem that someone may also have noticed. I am on Spanish language and Spanish location. When I enter the stock browser I get google and localization in the correct language. Everything works except of searching from the navigation bar (in the browser), where I get results in english (URL: http://www.google.es/search?redir_esc=&redir_esc=&hl=en&client=ms-android-google.... I noticed that language changes to English and it probably is because of the search engine. This happens in all 4.2 versions till now. I hadn't noticed it in 4.1. It is not a big deal but is there any way to fix it? Thanks.
  2. google trans: Any Germans here? Please translate this for all. Thank you! So the following, which is not a new ROM. But the kernel is new, and works very well! There quite a few files have been modified (eg framwork-res.apk, services.jar, Phone.apk) - Phone.apk has become something like a theft or something like that. It is all in the phoneloc.dat logging?? (I do not need it). Simply googling for libphoneloc-jni.so, then you will find something about it! Caution maybe it is not good that you, the ROM (is not really a ROM) installed. Because it gives the wrong location. There are values ​​in the Chinese site registered spn-conf.xml. Spn-conf.xml is actually there to give it to the wrong provider data to pretend that you are in the home zone. Also here after googling spn-conf.xml. Perhaps can end badly when the next phone bill arrives? If you want, I can give you together constitutes a Clean cm6b2 of the Chinese people. Without the settings and apps from the Chinese Google is forbidden in China. Could all these modifications may be because of that? I mean, maybe they trick location to get full Android experience (phone, market, etc..) And I agree as well, we should build a new, clean, no chinese stuff ROM and post it here ;)
  3. alex5874 & PACOSH, I think I ask this to you guys in the name of all the people that are waiting for this rom: would you make a zip or something with the ROM and post it here, as well as a complete step-by-step tutorial for newbies? no gho files or strange formats. just the rom, with the tuto. I am sure we all would appreciate that, as you guys seem to have figured out how to get it working. thanks
  4. how did you extract the .gho file? I have tried with norton ghost 15 but no option for .gho files. then I downloaded GHO Explorer (ftp://ftp.symantec.com/public/english_us_canada/products/ghost/utilities/GHO_Explorer.exe) but no luck, I get the "Invalid drive details. This probably isn't a Ghost image file" error.
  5. It seems that the plain black overlays are in production already! I definitely prefer them too.
  6. I thought that was the problem so I wiped EVERYTHING and installed the update again. Before restoring anything - didn't even set up the google account - I opened messaging app, wrote an sms and then clicked back button to quit. there's where it force closes. Wiping cache/data doesn't work for me. Am I the only one? Could someone try wiping and see what happens?
  7. I have the same issue here. Let's hope someone knows how to deal with it.
  8. Hi! I'm on danz0l's release. Wifi seems to work ok for me now, but contacts names display issue wasn't fixed till I copied ContactsProvided.apk again. However I have a problem: stock Messaging app always crashes. I tried everything: wipe data, remove all sms, etc. Even if it hasn't any data it still force closes. ;) I thought about replacing it with another 2.2.1 version of MMS.apk , just in case it is corrupted or something, but I can't find one. Any ideas? :)
  9. You are right. Chinese batteries are usually crappy. For example, this one may last less than the SF original one, even if it's 2800 mAh. But, I think is a nice possibility, after checking their characteristics and compatibility to adapt it for the SF and see if it's better than the original one. Original batteries like Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung ones with similar characteristics and dimensions could also be worth. They are not very expensive on eBay.
  10. link... http://cgi.ebay.com/2800mAh-Original-batte...d#ht_3269wt_905
  11. Hi. I definitely think battery should last much longer. I am a newbie in this kind of stuff, but, searching on the eBay I just found this 2800 mAh sciphone battery... 2800 mAh!!! I know most of these batteries are really awful finally, but wouldn't be worthwhile to try something like this? It may last than the original one. (which is made in China too :P ). I repeat, I don't know much about batteries. First of all, does it fit? (I haven't got my SF yet). This particular sciphone battery is 46 mm x 47 mm. If it does, or even if it's smaller, there shouldn't be any problem with fixating it somehow. Secondly. Connections with phone pins should have to be done somehow (don't know exactly :D ) And the last thing... Is there any risk of burning the phone or something like that? The specifications on both batteries are the same (voltage 3.7v, charge up 4.2v, standard 18287-2000)... So, what do you think about all this stuff?
  12. This is a very nice phone. Such a nice review. Thank you. :)
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