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  1. dubly i am on T-mobile and got update fine, possibly problem with there server at this time ? i am sure you will try again later hope you get through tho
  2. Well am running origenal rom that came with the phone, updated via online updater took around 5 mins from start to fin, build no. is showing u8815v100r001c02b885 and my sound on films, wicked. me a happy man now ;)
  3. If any one interested in the T-mobile internet APN settings they as follows Enter these settings into your phone. profile name T-mobile internet APN general.t-mobile.uk username user password tm Hope they help some one, they work in mine ok
  4. i like this phone so far after my initial problems with data were fixed at shop. but i do not like the large size of the icons, i have even put on launcher pro free ver and cannot find a way to resize the icons smaller, any ideas please folks
  5. flameing plonker i am, thx i must have bypassed that a dozen times m8
  6. Has any one been able to locate the mac address of the phone as i have been looking for ages and still cannot locate it it seems to be well hidden, i cannot connect to my network with out that for security reasons
  7. i have origenal 2.1 software on mine, i am not very competant at this rom stuff
  8. A quick question to you all out there, i am presently owner of version 1 sanfransisco, cannot create hotspot with that phone, does this phone have the option to start hotspot as i am lost without internet on my tablet whilst working in fields lol, thx for any help
  9. Thx very much for that info, much appreciated. :0)
  10. I am thinking of buying the LG Optimus 2X P990 and i am wondering what app or apps are needed to tether the internet from this phone to a laptop, as i am not very techy minded so any help would be most appreciated here people, thankyou in advance for help...
  11. same here new 2010 fiat 500 sport blue me no problems nice for a change
  12. " UNRESERVED APOLLEGY" I STAND CORRECTED. Buy yer a pint at the bar
  13. why ask people on here if they would be interested in buying batteries from you on here then get batteries and put for sale on ebay, oh well i dont wont any from you now i will wait, any ways i can get through 4 days now on one charge easy and thats even with gps and wifi use, have fun
  14. very nice work m8, thanks for all the time this must have taken to do.appreciated :rolleyes: I am now sorley tempted to swap from stock rom to this
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