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  1. Business is business. Intel and Nvidia (Tegra) have done and will do exactly the same with old hardware. Makes no sense to support old hardware just because we want it. Business is business and only money matters.
  2. Any thoughts on how to get wifi hotspot working with ICS? USB and Bluetooth tether don't work with my android netbook, even when using a third party app. Can anyone help?
  3. Hi Konsta Thanks for working on this ICS rom. Looks great. No bloat. Any idea on how to get wifi hotspot working for ICS. On your Swedish Snow rom it worked great. I've tried bluetooth internet tethering and cable tethering but neither work my Eee pc running ICS. Wifi works great to a wifi hotspot etc but not tethering even with a third party app. Really need ICS wifi hotspot to work for my netbook as netbook doesnt seem to pick up anything else. Any help greatly appreciated. Failing a fix I can go back to Swedish Snow, although strangely ICS seems way smoother now ;-) Thanks F.E.
  4. Hi All Fatty Eglon has been on a sabatical. Anybody got a decent fix for setting up this rom so as to use the phone as a wifi hotspot? I've tried every third party tether app going and nothing seems to work. I've also trawled Google and tried many solutions but still no joy. My only option so far has been to go back to the latest Swedish Snow which has it baked in. Any suggestions or help gratefully received from 'The Fat One' that is Fatty Eglon. Ta F.E.
  5. @bookergray @nfs1mw I know I've mentioned this before but... I realise @gunapriyan's questions might seem stupid to you both, but no doubt he just wanted answers and came to this great site. Why do mock a person who is clearly not western european by saying he sounds like 'Borat' ? Why are you mean spirited to a person who is plainly less experienced? Why can't despite this things we be polite and have good manners? Aren't we hear to help each other? This hurt the guy initially and then he tries really hard to be polite and fit in. @gunupriyan you are a gentleman and have good manners in the face of rudeness. Respect to you. This forum should be a warm and welcoming place for all. No topic is the preserve of the demi-gods. By our attitude we would never want to put off others from coming back. @bookergray You are an experienced poster man and you help in so many ways. Some of your posts have helped me but man just for the sake of this great forum and yourself try and be a tiny bit more gracious and kind mate. Peace and love to all posters. F.E.
  6. First off Tilal thanks so much for your great work, much appreciated. The level of development Tilal was doing was pretty heavy. Sometimes life has other important things. Education, meeting friends, being with family, walking in the park etc I know a dude who does tons of Youtube vids, he's a great asset to the community and I respect him greatly. Yet, he looks grey, ill and stressed. Lesson = Don't let computers take over your life!! You'll be worse physically and mentally. I used to work with computers all day everyday for a job, so I know believe me. Otherwise you'll end up looking like Sergey Brin from Google below. :blink: Sergey says "I am a drone... I am a drone... I am a drone..." Look he even needs a Kleenex to wipe the pity from his face. Joke by the way!!:lol: Tilal whatever the reason. Enjoy life. It's there to be had. Computers have their place but they're not everything. F.E.has spoken. Sorry for being such an old fart :D
  7. "Let's look at the facts: you're one of the 10 people who actually use it. So the devs (not just tilal6991, but the cm devs too) don't give a sh*t about FM radio." Bookergray relax man!! Chill out!! :rolleyes:
  8. Remember kids... We were all new born at one stage. :rolleyes: Just relax and be helpful to each other.
  9. Just a quick post to sort out senor calibration. Based on Tilal's earlier post and amended a bit by me for less experienced users. Download and install Es File Explorer from Play store(market).Open Es File Explorer.Press the menu button, select settings.Scroll down the options and check with a tick the following boxes 1. up to root 2. Root explorer 3. Mount file systemCopy the downloaded BladeParts.apk to /system/app Download app here:- Blade Parts AppReboot.Proximity calibration should now show up as one of your apps . Open app and click calibrate. Keep you hand away from the top of the phone while calibrating. Enjoy this great Rom from Tilal.
  10. Right That's pretty pants to be honest. I know there's a work around earlier in this section for proximity sensor issues. Will have a check and get back.
  11. Hi All Just a quick question. I know it says in the description that this updated version has proximity sensor calibration tool built in. For the life of me I cannot find it in the rom settings anywhere or anywhere else in this rom?! As with previous version I just get a blank screen when making a call. Can somebody left me know where it is? Please!? Thx F.E.
  12. Can report that the gallery FC's. Tried taking screenshot to sort it but still FC's. Using Quick Pic instead. No big deal. <_<
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