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  1. Can't open parts of the settings, seems very laggy, a service crashes on start up, will try wiping and re-flashing, if not, back to the last build. Edit: Gone back to the previous build now.
  2. Managed to update from CM7 and keep all my settings and functionality, only thing borked is camera flash and panorama. Won't miss the flash, the pictures with it on are laughable, like ghosts!
  3. Surely this should be in the Crescent forum, as it is the Blade mk2 and dissimilar to the Skate? http://android.modaco.com/forum/578-zte-crescent-crescentmodacocom/
  4. My GF got one for me in blue, it's a really nice hard gel case. I did have to cut out the charger area slightly with a scalpel though.
  5. Anyone else on GiffGaff in the UK on CM7 3.0 not get sms delivery reciepts? All turned on in the sms menu, but looking at status always shows as pending?
  6. Best bet is to search for an older build of iPlayer .apk file
  7. Ahh, that'd be cool, shame I ordered it from DealXtreme though :rolleyes: back in September, dispatched on the 30th Sep and landed on my doorstep Nov 2nd!!! Orange unlock on the 2nd Dec anyways, so not all bad - Gonna try and F up the girlfriends Blackberry with the XSIM now, just for the lols :P
  8. Personally I think this X-SIM is duff, as it won't let me input anything other than 1234 in either my old unlocked phone or the OMC :angry: Now to wait until the 2nd Dec for the Orange unlock
  9. Recieved my X-Sim today... Changed sim lock pin to 1234 in a different phone Placed sim and X-Sim into OMC and booted up, on prompt to enter pin code entered (0030, 0032, 0096 - all have the same outcome) The phone says incorrect pin entered! The only way to get access to the phone is by typing 1234 No signal or anything with my sim/S-Sim in place HELP!
  10. Some of the custom roms have overclock apps, i'm on SFR Star Addict rom and can clock to about 960mhz, anything more and it crashes when opening other apps, it also downclocks to 122mhz with screen off, which is lower than stock, so would in fact prolong battery life.
  11. Nice, been watching BBC iPlayer on it all afternoon - Goodby good battery life :rolleyes:
  12. Seems like it's only the X-Sim III's that work, guess i'll hang on waiting for my DealExtreme order to come, it'll be a race between the phone being 3 months old and it arriving <_<
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