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  1. Using Paul's MCR and stock browser (not Chrome), I was able to load up the 4OD mobile site and play items. I am getting connection timeout errors, which may just be my internet connection. I don't get flash update messages. Are you sure you are not using Chrome to hit the site? Flash it not supported in Chrome at all. Looking at the 4OD site, there is no Android app, they just push you to the mobile site: http://www.channel4.com/devices/
  2. Hi Paul, Great to see that you are working on an MCR. I built a kitchen ROM with the BLN kernel, but It refused to boot. It seems to be the kernel, as when I flash ninpheramine 2.0.5 all seems good. I tried waiting lots for the cache to build, wiping and doing the same, reflashing and more of the former. Nothing seemed to give me joy. I did apply lots of other changes to the ROM in the kitchen, but like I say, swapping the kernel out on that custom ROM seemed to solve the problem. The ROM looks good, AOSP style with the options set. I doubt my phone will ever be stable again with me now switching between this ROM and Cyanogen checking out every release. Cheers Alex [edit] I did apply the SQlite speed mod, maybe that had some affect? Also, I applied all of the other expert options, except Odex me. Perhaps some bad combo of items there?
  3. My understanding is that the slow charge is to extend the life of the battery and prevent premature (even catastrophic) failure of the battery. I picked up three cheap Hong Kong replacement batteries from the bay for £6, that return at least similar battery performance to the OEM. I would love a ROM dev to remove the restrictions on charging ampage.
  4. @eck_strider I used Tasker to redirect search long press to anything else, it costs £3.99 on the market but is pretty awesome in general. If you want to poke around at it, I uploaded it to GitHub at https://github.com/c0m47053/VoiceRedirect Glad it was some use for you @bryant_16 This only seems to work on the older KE2 firmware and below. I am not sure if tasker responds to search long press either, but Tasker above should be able to utilize it if you are running an older firmware.
  5. Cool, I'm glad it was of use to you. Investigating this, it looks like Samsung have mangled the system server to force this intent to the vlingo app in KE7. Doesn't look fixable without a custom rom :D
  6. Someone has posted the Gingerbread default launcher over on XDA, its for the original Galaxy S but seems to work fine on my SII. There is also an APK for the Gingerbread keyboard, but I didn't try that one since I quite like Swype.
  7. I flashed KE7 today, but haven't had chance to test it. Will install it later and see If something has changed in KE7. [edit] Looks like Samsung have changed something around the way this works in KE7, will see if I can fix it.
  8. Hi there, I have put together an app to redirect the VOICE_COMMAND action that is being used by VoiceTalk, are redirect it to the long press search action. This can then be used by any app that supports it like Go SMS, or you can wire it up to anything else using something like Tasker. This is pretty much my first attempt at android development, so no guarantees but it seems to work well for me. You will get two choose action dialogues, the first is between VoiceTalk and my app, and the second is the result you want (Go SMS or the like). If you set defaults for both, then it should appear seamless after that. Let me know if you have any issues, and I am happy to have a look and fix if required. Thanks Alex [Edit] Looks like I can only upload zips and not apks here, so I have uploaded the zip and here is a link to the apk that you could use direct on the phone: http://c0m47053.ucoz.com/VoiceRedirect.apk VoiceRedirect.zip
  9. Cool, feel free to post a review when you get it. I think the minimal look would suit an Alfa, particularly if you had a spider.
  10. Yeah, I am considering it myself now. Some of the examples are pretty cool, smartphone on a pram is awesome!
  11. Someone over on XDA is using the Breffo SpiderPodium, and seems pretty positive with it. Upside is that is is universal and transferable to future/alternative devices. There are a few other discussions over there on car mounts as well.
  12. My Milestone? Kept it, will give it to my other half so was not interested in a trade in.
  13. Cool, would love to know if you are able to get the same deal. I picked up the phone this morning, awesome device. Another added bonus of doing it this way is the phone is a clean, unlocked, unbranded device so no medding around with unlock codes and flashing just to remove the branding and get official updates.
  14. I can tell you exactly where I came from and perhaps that will help. 18 months ago I bought a Motorola Milestone (regretted it, locked bootloader, won't buy Motorola again...) from Expansys with a T-Mobile contract, so not sure how that went down in T-Mobile's books. I got to the end of the contract, and asked for a PAC code (this was on Wednesday). They didn't really bother to make an offer at that point, but I didn't push them since I wasn't aware that they did this arrangement with CPW so you might get some results at this point. The PAC code doesn't really tie you into leaving, you can let it expire after 30 days and carry on as normal, and can request one any time after you enter you'r last billing period (my contract actually ends at the end of this month). I got a call from retentions this afternoon offering me the deal. Only problem was that my CPW didn't have the phone, so I have to drive to the next nearest branch tomorrow morning to pick up the phone. I would suggest calling cancellations and trying your luck, you can even go through with requesting the PAC code with no real consequence. Hope this helps you get the same deal. It really was much better than anything else I have seen, without having to go through Quidco and wait for online delivery. Alex
  15. It was an odd retention deal with T-Mobile, but since they don't stock the device atm, I actually picked it up through Carphone Warehouse. Might be worth calling them and asking if they could do similar for new customers, but I think it's unlikely. When I spoke to T-Mobile while getting my PAC code originally, they told me they had somewhere near the end of this month as expected start date for them having it direct though.
  16. Nice deal tonynz, I'm afraid I might have just beat it though. T-Mobile called me on a retention deal as follows: £50 up front £25 a month 300 mins + 300 texts Unlimited Internet (1 Gig FUP) 18 months Comes in at £500 TCO over 18 months which is much better than I was expecting! Might be worth trying for anyone in a similar position with T-Mobile.
  17. Scarecrowe, that seems to be a pretty decent deal, depending on allowances. I have been working it out on TCO, and yours seems to come £589.32 over the 24 months. The cheapest I have found is the deal that Kev and Aaron have pointed out is currently the best deal I have found, at £532 over the 18 months, but as I said above O2 are telling me there is a 14 day wait for delivery online. Does anyone who bought instore on contract know if you can cancel the data bolt on, as Kev suggest in his blog or is it doable by online customers only?
  18. Thanks guys, I will look at that. The only issue is that O2 are now quoting up to 14 days delivery, possibly short stocked? Do you guys know if you can do this in the shop, and sacrifice the cashback, I was more than happy to pay the £400 for PAYG on O2, only they have stopped it but if I could buy it on the above contract and cancel the bolt on, it would work out exactly the same.
  19. Hi All, I am looking to buy the GSII, and O2 seem to have stopped the £399 PAYG so I am looking around for the best deal. I am happy to go with an 18 month contract. Anyone seen anything particularly worthwhile? Thanks Alex
  20. Reading up on the documentation, Google suggest that there could be issues running apps on QVGA screens: http://developer.android.com/guide/practic...ns_support.html So QVGA is currently below the threshold for resolution independence.
  21. Not sure, you could unzip and change the manifest I guess though. It would be interesting to see how well apps would run on the screen if the flag was set. Given that most flagship android phones (and even the san fran) are shipping with WVGA screens, which have over twice the screen real estate than the Flipout. Perhaps I will have a look at shoving some apps into a low res emulated device to see how well they work. I really thought the Flipout was an interesting device, and considered one for my other half, but I don't believe that QVGA will ever be a first class citizen in the Android world.
  22. The big issue with the Flipout is the resolution of the display (QVGA 320x240). Not only will it be difficult to use (mentioned in the Engadget preview), but more importantly, it will not support most apps in the market. To me, the apps are one of the big differenced between Android, and a dumbphone.
  23. Not quite true on the second point, I recently tried to return an unlocked San Fran and stupidly forgot to swap the virgin SIM out for the original orange one (doh!). They refused the return point blank, telling me it had been modified and was now out of warranty. I didn't make the same mistake at the second Orange shop though :) Bottom line is, it invalidates the Orange warranty but as long as you arn't as stupid as me and remember to pop an Orange SIM in, you will be fine.
  24. I managed to double check the settings, and its just the theme that needs changing. From the Handcent homescreen, hit the menu button and go into settings. Enter the 'Custom style' section and tap the 'Theme' item. You should have the option of 'Black' or 'Light' (light will be selected by default). Select 'Black' and you should now be able to see the menu. Hopefully, that should sort your problem.
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