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  1. Go SMS Pro is a great app and its free :) Get it from the market or do a google and download from their website In fact all of the Go software releases are highly recommended
  2. Ok... the 'theft' part could be a myth, but the "Nothing Apple EVER did is original" seems to be true.
  3. try it with rock player or power amp .. I'm sure it will help
  4. Well done you ...O'h and welcome to the forum :D
  5. DaveyP


    Put simply.. It reads the login / password information in the wireless data connection between a pc and a router But as said above by Dr00g "It doesn't work if you enable https in your account settings though " , so for ones own security if you are able to alter the site security setting to https then its kinda highly recomended... lol BUT ... (theres always a but) A lot of apps / games wont allow a https connection, so you get the following message.. which kinda negates using https in the first place.... :D
  6. Better to ask a question and take a risk, rather than never knowing an answer. The answer to the next question is 42 :D
  7. Just /system/etc not from the empty folder named root Hope it helps :D
  8. You may find that its a password issue, maybe the blade was set using the wrong choice of encryption (wpa2 or wap for example) I'm embarrassed to say that after struggling myself for an hour or three, I realised the mistake. I couldn't find how to change the wrong choice so re flashed and set it up again :D
  9. DaveyP


    Seems to work fine Swedish Spring (2.2) and Opera browser
  10. Wait untill the method is found :D I'm sure it won't be long untill the differences and method is found.
  11. DaveyP

    Touch Screen Gloves

    The Mugs look good as well :D
  12. Settings / Display / Screen timeout You could set it to 30mins ... but there will be a down side :D The slide to unlock can also be disabled at Settings / Location & Security / Set up screen lock (but there are good reasons for keeping it on ..lol)
  13. 3 .- Turn on the ZTE Blade you want to release a card from another operator and type the NCK number when you request the code "SIM PIN unlock network" (not be confused with the secret PIN of the card) Note: if your ZTE Blade is not San Francisco or Orange, this method will not help you free and you should go to the website for free www.tianya.es ZTE . Will not work if your ZTE has been acquired after June.

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