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  1. Glad you got it working :D I'm using FLB and have been for ages (just going through the upgrades as they were released). Unfortunaely FLB has stopped development now for his ROM as SS is meant to pick up where it let off with a new source so it looks like SS is the ROM to aim for if you want to change. CM7 is certainly worth a go, it is silky smooth but still has some issues You can always nandroid and change your ROM, try it out, if you don't like it.... restore B)
  2. 2.3 = CM7 There is a huge thread on CM7 and all of it's tips and tricks for the proximity issue you are facing. Depending on which version you are on etc etc then the fix is either, install a later version or tick a couple of boxes and reboot :D Check the ROMS section for the CM7 threads
  3. If you have tried a separate SDCard then it's not that (unless you have 2 duff ones). Ok, what version of CWM are you using? JJ uses: Clockwork Recovery or or to install the ROM and addons. If you have a later version of CWM then maybe downgrade it or look at using SS instead. Just to check it might also be worth trying another ROM entirely like FLB just as a test. Once the zip is on the card and the install completes, then the folders are made on the SDCard I believe.
  4. Load CWM Power + Volume Down) Select mount usb and copy the file onto your SDCard. The others are right though it needs to be a zip so re-download the original zip (if possible). Is this a custom rom you have made taking out APK files etc? Didn't think JJ came as a .Rar
  5. If you have the Jellyfish fil then select install zip from SDCard. You should then be able to choose the JJ zip file and flash JJ9 back on. Failing that you can mount your SDCard in CWM and connect it to your PC to check the contents of the SDCard.
  6. It's the Touchpal database for custom dictionary that is dying...known issue sadly. You can get a later version from the market which works fine though. Never did find a resolution, I wonder if it something to do with incorrect permissions on the DB :D
  7. Edit it before you flash the ROM :D Either that or you will need to mount the system as RW. From a command prompt on Windows adb shell su mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system Then pull the file and edit it in notepad or similar (this will put it in the root of c:) adb pull /system/etc/gps.conf c: Push it back adb push c:\gps.conf /system/etc/ adb reboot That should work :D
  8. It's Swedish Spring, take a look in the thread for it. Based, from what I can tell on 2.2 official release.
  9. Just wanted to say thanks for all of the ROMS you have created. I've been an FLB user since they first started out on 2.2 and stuck with them (except for a quick dabble with CM7) Kept coming back for more :D Great work but you are so right. Have fun with your next endeavour :D
  10. Try resetting permissions in ClockWork perhaps and see if that helps the issue :D
  11. you can't extract and re-pack the zip file it simply doesn't work that way. If you want to remove the APK files then open the zip and just delete the files from the zip itself. Do not extract it first, simply open it. Close Winzip (or whatever you are using) and flash in CWM.
  12. You can sync them with google and save the ones you want of course :D That's what I have done if there is something I simply must keep
  13. Don't think 3) flashed gbthemepack-flb-froyo-r9a.zip Has the power widget included in it so it has killed the notification bar widget sadly. You can reflash the ROM to get it back then go and get one of Frankish's latest themes for FLB which includes the Pull Down so it won't be affected :D
  14. Only issue with that is..... that is a phone ringtone not a message alert tone which was the OPs original query :D
  15. Are you trying to set your notifications from within the actual emssaging app or just the settings/sounds area on the menu? Try from the messaging app itself (menu/settings) see if you get anything different. If not then it is possible that the default messaging app on 2.1 doesn't allow this? Have you made the folders on your SD card? Create folders media/audio/notifications Then place your mp3 in there and see if it is detected :(
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