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  1. updated today to n97. I wiped system, dalvik and cache. I cant seem to add my google account. in accounts and settings, "add account" trys to make an exchange account. what is this?
  2. I have bought the unlock codes for my phone, but which to use? I have got a choice of 5, called "level 1-5"? does one use the current sim, no sim, or the new sim for the unlock steps? thanks
  3. Hi, So Id like to send some word documents by gmail, from my phone. This will be extremely useful for me. But it seems from the phone it will only allow me to attach pictures. Any way round this? ZTE blade/O SF.. thanks Mark
  4. My dad got one of these today, locked to tesco (uk). Where can I buy an unlock code? thanks
  5. Hello! edit: ah ha I need to use sudo. Done, thanks very much. I seem to have a problem that fastboot tells me <waiting for device> as if its not connected. Usb works perfectly when its turned on for copying files to the sd card. What have I missed?? Im using linux (opensuse 11.3) if that helps. thanks
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