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  1. Hi!

    Do you have access to the MTC 945 Glonass ROM?

  2. i think the sound from the speak is too loud that has distortion,but i don't know what is your problem
  3. yes you are right ,is the kernel has something wrong ,but i don't know how to fix ,and in 2.3.4 it is more terrible,usb storage can not be turn on forever.
  4. do you mean when you have a call ,and when the screen is off you can't use red button to end the call? if just don't want to use red button to turn screen off, only disable it in spareparts
  5. i wonder what bugs did this rom fixed and how,please now fm is enable ,but something wrong as 2.2's fm of blade at first
  6. i uptate to 2.3.4 but there is something wrong about usb as other phone's rom of 2.3.4,so need a fix .
  7. i will repack the rom for chinese users,would you mind?thanks for your great work
  8. i think i fixed radio works no 5 sec bug,it is the bug of boot.img,using boot.img in my last rom is just ok. your rom is very nice,if you release rom based on Sweden not your last rom before,i think there will be less trouble,because i used Sweden's too.framework's bugs in your last rom can be avoid,and there is no need to fix phone.apk twice.
  9. if you have ricky's rom you can test,because i replace phone.apk from different rom will FC before,so i don't use other rom's phone.apk ,i think it has somthing to do with framework
  10. i modified but i cannot test as you know.so if anything wrong tell me.this phone.apk is for ricky's rom ,other rom may FC Phone.rar
  11. Some minutes later i will go for supper,so one hour later i will give you phone.apk
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