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  1. So info on this is spread all over the net and I can't get a good answer. I have the white SGS2 model the one with "P" on the end of the model number. It seems this model is a real pain to do anything with as it soft-bricks a lot, even putting clockwork on it soft-bricked it and i had to follow a guide to unbrick it with another recovery rom. I just want to get rid of all the junk samsung puts on it.
  2. Okay so my Dell Streak is officially dead *sobs* i need a new semi decent android phone and this seems like quite a decent phone for the price. I am on o2 UK so i would be buying it and throwing the orange crap away. My questions is - is it really as simple as the posts here make it out to be to unlock it?!
  3. LiamD

    StreakDroid Release Post

    I'm trying to add the APN back in for o2 pay monthly, but everytime i click save the list stays empty, what's up with that? Fixed by updating the baseband. The included music app won't launch either - force closes instantly every time :D - Is there a way to remove it? Also seems to have gone away now baseband updated. Selecting user dictionary under keyboard and language setting force closes every time.
  4. Installed latest fine cheers Steve. One question to everyone: Does anyone get the phone randomly slowing down needing you to lock the screen and unluck it to make it stop being slow? Mine keeps doing it and it's getting annoying.
  5. "Steps 2-4 are only needed if you are coming from a build OLDER than 1.2" May want to change that since earlier in the post it says you need it for 1.5.1+
  6. Why was it removed - such a simple thing go volume down to change ringer volume, then it's vibrate and then silent. Why was it even removed? Bit backwards isn't it...
  7. Would it be possible to put the silent mode back in a future build? As for the audio i take it that will be fixed? :)
  8. Anyone else noticed that you can't play a paused audio file again without coming out of the app and re-selecting it to play again from the start? Also the silent mode is missing, when you go to volume down it used to go to vibrate and then silent, now only goes to vibrate.
  9. Same for me, the two o2 ones, oh well i will just enter it in manually again :\
  10. Done that and it doesn't help. Also i upgraded to 1.1.1 but version still says 1.1 is that right?
  11. "Huge APNs list from cyanogenmod added (full wipe will be required for this to work i suspect)" How do you do a full wipe? I am on 1.1 finally working and only have 2 pay and go o2 in my list.
  12. Thanks for keeping the updates coming. Problem though -> my phone doesn't seem to rotate anymore, stick in portrait. Edit > I turned the auto change option off and on and that fixed it :) Upon further use, the red notification text is really out of place, it would be best to have the notification bar have white text. The red text when you pull it down looks okay-ish though.
  13. Just a note notification bar is still off, grey background and white text.
  14. The only issue which bugged me is the notification colour which he Stephen is currently fixing for build 4 :). Works perfectly other than that for me :) Will donate on payday :)
  15. A small bug i've found - playing an mp3 file on the music play works but when you click pause it says "cannot play audio file" even though it works fine until you pause it.

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