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  1. but I guess you haven't connected to any 802.1x network, have you? This is so bitter, because it makes me (not having 3g in my old contract) impossible to use cm as my day to day rom :)
  2. I have exactly the same problem with every cm7 version when I try to connect to an 802.1x network (university).. this always makes me reverse to flb :)
  3. daniel2k10

    CM7 Proximity Woes!

    does not work for me.. the only thing that worked so far was tommys custom kernel in nightly 17.. now in nightly 19 it's pretty much the same as before :D. I did wipe date, cache, dalvik and format system and it didn't help.
  4. really impressed! great work!! It's pretty usable and the keyboard is the fastest I have ever seen in a blade rom!
  5. Is contact sync enabled? Yes it is :huh:.. and I also wiped data/cache and formated system before flashing... the account is accepted it's not that problem.. but it does not sync my contacts
  6. 3g problem is fixed in nightly 11 but contacts won't sync with the google account :huh: does anyone else have this bug?? overall wifi performance is low compared to flb...
  7. I love that dial screen and never could figure out how to get that, because with the regular one I always end calls by accident.. what have you done to get that screen?
  8. Every time I flash a new nightly it costs me some of my nervs. :huh: Nightly 6 does not have the proximity bug anymore but now another really mean one; it logs in to 3g on it's own even when turned off in the options.. it turns itself on in the background! So for everyone who doesn't have an internet flat this rom will be really really expensive! And yes, I've wiped data and cache and formated system before flashing this rom.
  9. for me synchronisation with google doesn't work either in nightly 4...
  10. for me flb has always been faster than JJ, and now with the overclocking kernel added it's the fastest rom i've ever had...
  11. +1; same bug for me in cyanogen 6.1.. did mention it in #322 but never received an answer :D
  12. why does someone need an official froyo version? The ROMS here at modaco are pretty flawless..
  13. thx mate!! does anyone has an idea about the issues I reported in #322??
  14. how can you replace adw with stock launcher?? is it in the gapps.zip??
  15. I haven't read through the whole topic, but does anyone here has the sam problem as me? I don't know if it has to do with the RIL, but in telephone calls i can't speak and listen at the same time: When the mic is in use I sometimes don't hear the other person. And another bug for me: after a call, the screen stays black and I have to put out the battery to get the phone to work again. I have installed newest clockwork mod and wiped everything before installing cm 6 beta2.

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