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  1. I have the Apple BT keyboard and while I've had variable results across different devices I can confirm that the current Modaco GN build does pair and connect, both the phone and the KB need to be discoverable though.
  2. Could you rent a movie with google movies and try and seek around see it it continues playing? The Tegra2 in the Asus Transformer would crap out a seize when you tried to seek into a DRM's video stream, not sure if I trust the Tegra3.
  3. Google don't "block" facebook sync, they simply don't provide the work-around that faked sync given that FB don't offer a contact API.
  4. @sheedyw I'm having the same trouble with bluetooth tethering, I can't seen to get my Asus Transformer to stay connected for more than 10 mins. It's wonderful that bluetooth PAN tethering is included by default now, I wish it worked reliably :(
  5. CIFS is a file system for mounting windows file shares (also known as Samba) it is nothing to do with mounting usb drives
  6. I'm using Win7/64 on both my work and home PCs and MTP/PTP access worked out of the box. With USB debugging on I did get a failed driver load for the ADB device (until I hacked about with the inf files)
  7. Bum, given the Googler tweets about using USB gamepads I was expecting that to all just work once we figured out how to kick it off. does your kernel hard-set host mode or is is switchable at runtime? I'm curious as to what was needed in the kernel, just config changes or actual porting of code from some of your previous projects?
  8. I've tried and it doesn't work with a simple micro-male to a-female adapter. It's possible you need the micro-id pin grounded through a resistor, or something else.
  9. Could you give us some details on hot you kicked your GN into host-mode? The rest I can figure out, but that start would be really useful.
  10. In the tethering options does the NS have an option for bluetooth tethering? Honeycomb added support for bwing on the client side of a bluetooth PAN connection, I'm hoping that the GN can be the router side. If you're rooted does call recording work? finally does the GN provide POWERED usb host support, that is if you plug a USB thumb drive into a usb-a-female to microusb cable and into the NS does it light up and after that does it mount?
  11. No, the video player still exists there just isn't an icon in the launcher, you play videos from the gallery as you used to in older builds of android
  12. So, I'm guessing no one uses bluetooth tethering then? But I'm guessing that at least some of you are using custom roms right? Would any kind soul consider downloading the tethering app from the line above an trying to start bluetooth tethering? You don't even really need anything to tether to it, I'm pretty sure that if the tethering doesn't work the app will crash. I would be deeply appreciative.
  13. Hi All, I'm thinking about picking up a Blade to replace my recently-nicked Nexus One. I'm finding I don't use my phone much since I got my Asus Transformer, so as long as I have basic Android functionality I'm happy. But the one thing I do need is Bluetooth PAN tethering (The tethering that android-wifi-tether provides) Anyone know if the bluetooth part of this works? I found some old threads on the topic but they didn't really answers this specific question.
  14. Currently installed on my TF101 (All from the Android Market): Apparatus (Pretty, good puzzler and great for entertaining kids) Cordy (A good show-off game, good sonic/puzzle platformer feel) Cut the Rope (Natch) No Gravity (Very nice Wing-commander-esq space shooter, best with a Zeemote, Better than Galaxy on Fire 2 IMHO) Samurai II: Vengance (Very pretty beat-em-up I can while away hours playing this) Fieldrunners/GRave Defense, ExZeus All good but I don't play them so much any more. Don't have a single game on my phone any more the TF101 has just taken over there.
  15. 1) I don't have that problem. 2) Use the Google calendar sync application, this syncs up to Google Cal resulting in seamless updates on your tablet http://www.google.com/support/calendar/bin...py?answer=89955
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