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  1. What about the Jiayu S3? Bit more ram and glonass? http://www.jiayu-store.com/jiayu-s3-4g-5-5-inch-mt6752-octa-core-ram-3gb-1080p-screen-dual-sim-4g-lte-mobile-phone.html
  2. Moto g is going to be the next g300 and get good ROM support, shame there is no SD slot but otherwise its a great phone for the price.
  3. http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/72057-lenovo-ideaphone-a820a830s820/ Start here if you don't like Chinese
  4. I had issues with my A820 with damaged SD card when dismounting from the phone when connected to pc, i now disconnect from pc at taskbar and it is now ok.
  5. Quoting a really old post there, things have moved on from then.
  6. Check this out , i had to use chinese cwm originally and this helped. http://www.needrom.c...r-mtk-platform/ Or power on with up and down volume buttons held in to get cwm assuming it was there before?
  7. Frankish for engineer menu I just used MobileUncle tools from play store
  8. Not getting the GPS issues people are having, the MTK6589 chipset it will do GPS perfectly well problem is as i have found it is dependent how well it works with the rom you have installed and probably the software for navigating. When i first got my Lenovo A820 the rom installed would pick up sats within the house, after upgrading to a custom rom it was not as good. So i did the tweaks on gizchina and its better and still never any issues with "jumping about" that other people claim with MTK6589 chipset? Its as good if not better than the G300, lock on is like a minute or two but that's normal for sat navs, running iGo Primo and it gets me everywhere. Accuracy for me using gps test is down to 9ft which is as good as you get. Would be interesting to use this jumpy software others have.
  9. It's here because it was low key back when it started and people were still unaware of the chinnese market, it is popular now as a lot of people are in his thread buying phones to save money. This thread is best where it is if you cant find it bad luck.
  10. Has been said before anything DHL will run the risk of vat charges always go slow post and no problems. Mermobiles or etotalk preferred and reliable
  11. I bought into this chinese way of thought and went for the Lenovo A820 Have used it for a week now and all i can say is why did i put up with a g300 for so long, everything happens in realtime no lag no fuss. I went for this as 4.5 screen is big enough and you can still use it one handed albeit a slight struggle. as good as the g300 Love the phone it weighs in at below manufacture specs at 144g so much the same as the g300, screen is as good as the g300 and no problems with gps. I would say the GPS is better on the lenovo as i have a signal in house as i did not before. Having used the gps to work no problems it works. Battery is great on this should see 2 days, all i can say is its better than the g300 but takes longer to charge. Camera is ok but no flash, it does however offer loads of settings in exposure and what not but not exploited that yet. All in all its a good cheap phone that just works with no lags , i have installed Infrareds latest rom and all is good :)
  12. You work for them? Not exactly cheap, peeps here are looking for cheap alternatives to euro prices.
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