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  1. hi could some one help loaded the # Japanese_Jellyfish_RLS9.zip (for normal Clockwork install) (118.6Mb system) MD5: 1698CF7AF9D130B02DDC471D089751D8 works perfect i do not like the dialer so i rebooted to clock work and loaded # Japanese_Jellyfish_RLS9_smartdialer_addon.zip (Restore Smart Dialer and RLS7 version of Contacts) MD5: 9FCB24D6DDE54527D15CE6C06DBF1D94 i get multiple errors with the dialer and it forse closes could someone explain how i add the old dialer much appreciated lee
  2. installed as instructed "No command 'adb' found" error any ideas
  3. hi could someone tell me how to stop he hardware excelleration please my battery is terrible i'm also getting daily screen freezes on the lock screen
  4. wiered one appbrain thinks my phone is still on 2.1,even after sync any ideas please
  5. thanks great explaination i will leave it like that,got a gig at brixton shortly and you jump the queue if your on o2
  6. came from seb's r7: de-orangeated ROM locked up on rls3 on boot,yes did a data clear etc. tried jelly rls2 all working fine many thanks any ideas why it now says telefonica o2 uk ltd?still getting free calls on giffgaff so it's working
  7. my phone failed,i have a topic somewhere phoned orange when questioned i said it was for emergencies only never used it it's rooted unlocked etc gave all my details and got another phone sent out remember buzz words "replace or repair" good luck and stand your ground
  8. yeah i have tried everything thing is plug anything into it and it just get seriously hot,no lights nothin on the other hand if they call me i'll act dumb,which wont be hard :)
  9. all ok last night came down and looked as if it had run out of charge, tried to charge nothing tried reset,clockwork startup,its dead took me a while orange sending me a new one tommorow secial delivery :) , i wonder if they call me when the see its rooted and moded? running sebast r6
  10. i have got this working on the card that came with the phone just got myself a class 6,formatted fine then died on me have returned the card for another
  11. sdcard just got this and i get please insert memory card when inserted any ideas?
  12. have you been messing with apps2sd? same happened on on r3 to me loaded another version and all ok now boot into recovery if you can and reload
  13. i had to do a re-install of the phone as i was messing with apps2ds if you sync with appbrain all yor apps paid and free are there after you sync you get the option to install apps brilliant
  14. sure it;s beautifull widgets was about £1.50 well worth it has 100's of clocks and weather icons
  15. had same issue on r3 had to do a back to default rom from orange then i put r3 back on and working ever since
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