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  1. using beta1 do i have to full wipe to install latest version or is cache and davlik ok
  2. When I change the default storage to SD card on 926 and 934 after a while and always on a reboot it returns to Internal storage. ANy app on the card then gives app not installed message when trying to open. Its a nusaince but any help to resolve would be appreciated.
  3. Ditto with the WI-FI hotspot issue Great ROM but use this function with ipod touch so would like back
  4. I am using Pauls r4 rom without issue apart from When ever switch the GPS on I lose my data connection (O2 PAYG) I have to reboot to re-enable data . Anyone else had this
  5. I had the same problem if you are in the UK it may be your goggle acount. I had to changed my e-mail from googlemail.com to gmail.com This stopped the getting stuck on starting download. There should be an option to change from googlemail to gmal when logged into your google account.
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