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  1. don't worry, you can put in any charger and it won't make a difference. no phone or tablet etc uses more than 2A to charge. but to clarify, it IS the Amperage that is important not the Voltage. The voltage is standard for any electronic product at 5V (except for things like cars, planes and submarines). you could damage a phone if it was only designed for 0.5A charge and you used a 2A charger, bu as the moto g is compatible with anything from 0.5-2A, you are safe!!
  2. I still prefer virgin's unlimited calls, texts and data, rolling 30 day contract for £15, with no fair usage policy. unless you phone a lot of people already on three, then the two thousand minutes only equates to just over an hour a day.... i talk to my gf more than that on the phone, let alone friends and work calls! only down side is the lack of 4g in future (and they say no tethering, though i know you can on EE's network).
  3. I've just signed up for a Virgin sim only deal: £15pm rolling contract, unlimited calls, texts, data (no fair usage policy). Can't really complain because I need the phone minutes.
  4. Right now I'm on: Tmobile Sim only unlimited mins unlimited texts unlimited data £16pm EE have offered me unlimited mins unlimited texts 500mb 4g data with a Sony Experia SP £21 This is making me reconsider a Chinese phone if I can get the Sony SP for a £5 a month over 2 years. Just wondering if anyone thought I should go with this or stick with a V5.
  5. I had signal issues on cm9 also. Went back to slim, all good.
  6. does CM9 get signal drop occasionally like cm10?? if not, i think i might go back to 9, as the signal drop will often come at the most inopportune moments. the one good thing i got out of it was when i complained to tmobile about the signal drop, they thought it was because of their phone mast and have sent me out a 3G signal booster to plug into my wifi-modem. retail £110!!
  7. I can't actually choose a colour or add the phone to my cart. Is this an official V5 website?
  8. Getting V5. OFF TOPIC: does anyone know what happened to dazzozo? i can't find his threads anywhere..... wanted to see if there are updates to his CM builds, as on AOKP and finding it quite good so want to compare (and then i'll compare with stock ics). sorry to go off topic in an off topic thread!
  9. fast card tech has the vowney v5 in stock, is anyone else getting one? i'm scared of getting one by myself.... would feel much braver doing it with someone else!!
  10. Larry Page's voice.... never heard anything like it!!
  11. not sure, though it seems different to me, what do you think? attached image:
  12. I was looking at the images of the Vowney V5 on fast card tech, and one of the pictures seems to show a separate battery charger.. Is this right, or would you charge the phone normally with a USB charger plugged into the phone??
  13. Jiayuofficial on facebook say to use: Jiayuofficial We can send to India with free shipping.More details about Jiayu G4,you can check http://www.jiayuofficial.com/jiayu-mobile-phone/jiayu-g4.html
  14. the instructions all look far too difficult, like if you do one thing wrong, you'll lose the order.
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