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  1. doh! how silly do i feel now!!! i do know vibrate means low battery but the reboot bit threw me, thanks :D
  2. Had skate for a year now, no problems, then suddenly tonight it rebooted itself. Then got to lock screen a cpl of times but unlocking screen caused reboot again. Pulled battery, now it won't switch on - just vibrates when I try power button, also just vibrates on volume+ & menu, or vol+ & power or vol- & power any ideas, please? cheers
  3. has this rom been removed - tried link in first post and no zip fle there anymore??
  4. saw that and thought it was camera only, not camcorder - flashed it and it worked - cheers!
  5. getting "application camera (process com.android.camera) has stopped unexpectedley" error on all settings for camcorder. camera is ok. Love the rest of the rom though, cheers
  6. Bargain! Just reserved, pic up later, then it's time to get that new rom on there!!
  7. Interesting article about extending battery life by using dark themes and search engines like blackle.com, backed up by statistics and stuff lol Darkness
  8. case arrived, fits the phone almost perfectly, main issue is around power button on top, it makes it slightly awkward to press but still manageable, pics below that case is actually scarlet red - so much for blade camera :lol: lol bought off ebay, Case, singapore so takes a cpl weeks
  9. thanks, I managed to get it working but I now have 2 touchpals in input method list lol, I may try yours tonight
  10. *update* does work, i obviously missed somethign but when I asked someone else to try it on theirs, and was showing them how it didn't work on mine - it bloody well did - don't you hate it when that happens lol ;) tried that, no such luck, still bombs out on first keypress, anyone else got any ideas - I miss touchpal :) (oh, i'm on R7 at moment, just don't want to go through hassle of wiping, so do people's experience vary on R7 vs post R8 with touchpal???)
  11. just ordered a case originally designed for samsung i900. Have already got a car holder for i900 which fits fine so thoight i'd give it a go, will report back when it arrives :)
  12. On same rom here and get same problems, so you're not alone :) Can live with them for the benefits of the ROM tho!
  13. seems to work well on the blade with Paul's 2.2 ROM installed
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