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  1. Good find! I've just ordered one from DX. If it works as expected I'll probably get another at this price - one for my desk at work and one for my bedside table.
  2. Just wanted to add: I don't use Tasker, but the Tasker plugin also works with Llama (similar to Tasker, but not quite as complicated/full featured, and free). I just set up DriveBit with Llama to do the same bluetooth triggering that Paul describes in his article.
  3. Please do! I'm very interested in this charger. It's a shame that it's not £10 or £15 cheaper but I guess while the official one is still so hard to get hold of, the 3rd party manufacturers can pretty much dictate their price. I'm hoping that prices will start tumbling as more chargers come to market and more handsets support QI - I'd like one for my desk at work, one for my bedside table, and one for the coffee table - but at £40 each I'll probably stick with my $2 retractable usb cable!
  4. It's working fine here so far. It might be nice to make the Enhanced Quick Settings mod and optional feature in the kitchen though. It's getting confusing that the long-press behaviour on my N7 is the opposite of my (stock) N4! Or I could just install Enhanced Quick Settings on my N4 I guess...
  5. This made me think... wouldn't it be handy to have a rechargeable battery pack like this but with QI wireless charging built in? That way I wouldn't need to carry around the usb cable, and if I kept in in a coat pocket or in a pocket of a bag it might be possible to charge my phone just by placing them both in the same pocket. Anyway, a bit of online research dug up the Panasonic QE-PL301 (there are 3 models of varying capacity eachwith slightly different model numbers). Here's the press release: http://bit.ly/XxIHkO Only problem is that I'm not 100% sure whether it uses wireless charging to charge your devices, or whether it can be charged wirelessly itself!?
  6. Are you ever browsing in Chrome on your nexus 7 and get a to a page containing a flash video that you can't play because Chrome doesn't support flash? I got frustrated at having to select the url, copy it, go to the home screen, load the stock browser, paste the url, wait for the page to load and then play the video. Flashify simplifies this process: now when you're in chrome just hit menu > share > flashify and select the stock browser. It will then load the page you were just viewing in Chrome into the stock browser from where you can play the video. I didn't write this app, and have no connection to it, but it seem very useful to me so thought I'd share. [Play store link]
  7. I can't play flash video in the old browser in Jr9, eg on BBC news site (worked fine in Jr8). Any ideas why?
  8. Useful? No, not really. I was just curious to play around with it :-p
  9. To answer my own question, if I set 'ro.product.model=Galaxy Nexus' and ro.product.brand 'ro.product.brand=google' in build.prop then I get around the "device not supported" message, but now it just fails telling me that I don't have a rear facing camera. ...so I guess it's not possible.
  10. Just installed. All working well here. Thanks! Lock screen widgets look useful. Multiple user accounts should be handy too. I love Swype, but not convinced that style of keyboard will work well on a tablet. Will try it for a few days though. Any idea whether photosphere can be enabled in the camera app (it says device isn't supported when I switch to photosphere mode)? I know it won't be ideal with only a front-facing camera, but I was hoping to be able to play around with it.
  11. Yeah I've not had any luck with this either - and there's surprisingly little chatter about it on the interwebs. I signed up for Google Music in the UK months ago using the VPN trick, but never got around to uploading more than a couple of albums. Been eagerly awaiting Scan&Match though (especially as I want to get a Nexus 4 when there's actually some stock available). I would also guess that there will be an update to the client.
  12. I'm quite excited by PhotoSphere - but not just for the ability to take 2D panoramas on my phone... I already take quite a few panoramas using my compact and SLR cameras and stitch them on the PC using either Autostitch or Microsoft ICE, but as soon as you use more than half a dozen images they become cumbersome to view and navigate around. The Streetview style navigation announced yesterday should be a great addition.
  13. Pretty sure I'm gonna get the 16GB N4. I've been looking for something to replace my ageing Blade for >6months and haven't found anything with the spec/price that I want that would also have great community support. I'm excited by NFC (much more useful on a phone than on my N7), Bluetooth 4 (I've got a Pebble watch on the way soon), and wireless charging (just 'cos it's cool!). I have a 32GB microSD in my Blade so restricting myself to 16GB seems like a small backward step - guess I'll just have to push the rest of my music into Play Music... I never did get past trying it out with a few CDs.
  14. Ok, fair enough - I wasn't aware of that. Sounds like it might be better to keep it and let users who don't want it delete it for themselves. Although at the moment I don't think that the CM team have made any mods to the calendar app so the one in the play store has more functionality that the bundled one. Also, I can confirm that I only have the play store calendar app installed, and I do still have the calendar widget.
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