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  1. I can't roll back to Jr7, and rolling back to yesterdays Jr8 doesn't cure it sadly
  2. ok the plot thickens.... Tried another sim the Nexus will work with my old vodafone sim, but not with the 3 sim that has been in the phone since I've had it, (or another 3 sim I have) With the 3 sim inserted I get zero signal and the message 'Emergency Calls Only - 3' on lock screen but both 3 sims will work in my G300 and Nokia N8. Was fine on Jr7 and yesterdays Jr8 Weird, any ideas Update, also works fine with an O2 sim, but won't work with any 3Uk sim ?
  3. Nope, still same problem, I'm on XXLH1 and just get no signal, emergency calls only
  4. hmm just reflashed from yesterdays Jr8 to todays updated version and now i'm not getting any network coverage, was working fine. Just checked sim in another device and that works fine. any ideas?
  5. Think I am going to stay on Jr8, installed Swiftkey from Play Store and made default which gets round the keyboard force closing issue, chrome is working fine for me.
  6. What's the best way back to Jr7? I've tried to reflash from CWM but it goes into a loop when I reboot. Reflashed Jr8 and phone reboots fine.
  7. Ratkat

    [ICS] Found U8815 B927 ROM

    Ok, I removed my SD Card and put the update on the internal SD, instead. Updated straight away with no errors. So must have been an issue with my SD card. Thanks for your help guys
  8. Ratkat

    [ICS] Found U8815 B927 ROM

    I've tried that already with the same result, I'm wondering it it had anything to to the with Paul O'briens Super Recovery? do I need a different recovery on it ? I am assuming that if I'm on the modaco B888, then the boot loader is unlocked?
  9. Ratkat

    [ICS] Found U8815 B927 ROM

    It is in the Root, have just wiped the SD card and just put dload folder in it, same result, reboots phone when you try to update or pink screen if you do hold volume buttons and power up.
  10. Ratkat

    [ICS] Found U8815 B927 ROM

    I have tried that, the whole screen just goes a dark pinky colour and nothing happens
  11. Ratkat

    [ICS] Found U8815 B927 ROM

    I'm currently on the 888 Rom, I've stick both the dload and vender folders on the root of my external SD card, but... When i go to Settings/Storage/Software Upgrade, I choose SD Card Upgrade, confirm and then Upgrade, after this the phone just reboots, doesn't try to install anything? I'm stumped, any ideas what to try next?
  12. Same issue for me, restoring a backup (data only) after partition swop just sticks g300 in an endless boot loop, going to clean install Should also add there is a problem with the GMail app in the kitchen, corrupt possibly? anyway doesn't install. Also you get Play Books icon twice in the app drawer
  13. Don't think it's a problem to be honest, think it is just the camera initializing, a friend who has had two (first went back for a dead pixel) had the same noise on both. I just never noticed it until after I had flashed the UK firmware.
  14. Hmmm, when I start the camera on mine, you can hear the camera shutter make a slight noise, and see the aperture move
  15. Thanks Chris, I had the same problem as you, and clearing the cache cured it for me too :-) Does your Camera make a clicking sound when you start it? Mine seems too, don't remember it happening on the O2 firmware?

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