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  1. Reboot into recovery by running adb reboot recovery from your PC and flash v3.
  2. What did you change? I'll test it now. EDIT: Reboot recovery from recovery, the buttons work now. Thank you!
  3. Okay it happened to both of my devices now. What I last did was reboot into recovery from recovery.
  4. I flashed the latest recovery and now the volume buttons won't work. I can press volume down and the phone boots into recovery but after that the buttons do not respond. I cannot flash a ROM... It worked on my other ZTE blade I'm not sure why I'm having issues on this one. I had to flash TFT and install CWM instead.
  5. Thank you very much for producing this ROM. It has given life to my ZTE blade. Kind Regards
  6. Have you considered supporting USB OTG so that USB DACs can be used? :)
  7. When no sim card is inserted an error appears "process com.android.phone has stopped".
  8. Is there a way to enable the swap partition without using an external app such as swapper2?
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