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  1. Really looking forward to a working camera with this rom, I will consider switching from Atomicmod then I think, at the very least just to have a play on ics :)
  2. I shall give this a go once the camera is working, though I'm using Atomicmod at the moment which is lovely and scores 3000 on the nose in Antutu.
  3. I'm not bothered, I'm happy with mine as it is using GR1 and the mod pack, its fast and looks great.
  4. wiiija


    Does this include the tweaks pack, or can that just be installed over it? :)
  5. wiiija


    All works now, no problems :)
  6. wiiija


    Yeh just read that, oops, lets try again :)
  7. wiiija


    Well, I still have no luck with the status bar. stock B888 rom, flashed and booted, all fine, rebooted into CWM and installed the mods zip, rebooted and no status bar again! Think I might give up :)
  8. [email protected]:~/Downloads/r1-g300-superrecovery$ sudo ./install-superrecovery-linux.sh [sudo] password for sean: ./install-superrecovery-linux.sh: 2: ./install-superrecovery-linux.sh: ./fastboot-linux: not found ./install-superrecovery-linux.sh: 3: ./install-superrecovery-linux.sh: Syntax error: "(" unexpected Any ideas? fastboot-linux is there, I have no idea whats going on!
  9. wiiija


    I've been on the leaked B888 for ages, I had applied the blue theme with hoolm battery mod though. Yes, link from the first post :)
  10. wiiija


    The application false (process com.android.systemui) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.
  11. wiiija


    My status bar disappeared after applying the zip
  12. There you go, worked a treat :) Screen 1 Screen 2 Screen 3
  13. Brilliant, I'm using your original one at the moment, any chance of the new one with the Hoolm battery mod (I find all the others too big), all in blue, not changing colours? Worth asking, don't know unless you ask ;)

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