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  1. sir! :o :o Im A Russuian Man! ;) I can Speak And Write in Ru! :D What did you THink? :D HA!?!?!?! B) B) NO way No News! :D :D :( :(
  2. Вы можете писать на английском языке?
  3. have you ever test it? running it same as other version?
  4. i think the link is this http://rapidshare.com/files/444859359/froyo.rar you combine the link and the size of file am i right?
  5. hi i have a problem that i cant run this version on my phone i ran other version with the instruction that eDDy said,but running this version failed is there any diffrences between froyo and other version? i think heart cause this problem pls guid me please
  6. while i was using cooked rom after every call i had this problem! now im using orginal rom!! but the point is that i face this problem in orginal rom 2 times during 2 months of using the new rom! i totally confused! :( ;)
  7. Thx but i founded toys that need for cooking! and upload them in 1 file! here is adress: tools for cooking omnia lite rom
  8. Thx my friend but i couldnt download its toys! do you have any link that work? Especially i need OSBuilderSetupLE! Thx a lot! :P
  9. Can any one find link of this rom? is it true? is it work on omnia lite? i saw chinese forum that mentioned but i didnt find any link! we need one chinese man to help us!!!!
  10. as i said;touch sensitivy is very fast to your command,so you must try to adapt your hand with sensitivy. i use finger keyboard and disable vibration of screen touching. caliberation of screen can be effective!
  11. the touch screen sensivity is very fast i have this problem for some first day! you can use fingerkeyb and disable vibration of screen touching and use it for more time,its problem of using it for first time! Regards MaMsAnA
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