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  1. Wenler

    New member saying hello

    Yes, I agree with you. It's a good thing to have a tablet. With this device, we can have fun and talk to our friends as we wish. Yeah,a little pity seems there are not so many options for Android 3.0 except Xoom. hmm, will wait and see... I also got a tablet a couple weeks ago and it work so nice. Besides, also noticed other interesting models...
  2. Wenler

    This Android tablet would be worth?

    Yup, I also searched a while for this tablet... hmm, it's rumored that this tablet is made by OEM factory of Viewsonic and Viewsonic rebranded this tablet to be G-tab.. That sounds like a little complicated, and so posted here to find something...
  3. I still hang on my Droid X. Just noticed Moto claims they're going to give up the Window Phone 7 os. hmm, hard to say good or bad now.
  4. Wenler

    optus one pushed to 2012

    So many tablet show around, is so this year? Noticed one place online, Android Tablet
  5. Wenler

    T mobile (UK) hacks it's data allowance!

    Does this issue figure out yet?
  6. Wenler

    Wifi Tablet--Powered by Freescale A8

    There is a deal about this tablet on fatwallet and I checked but found the price is $168 now. Probably because of it's an unbranded Chinese tablet. Anyway, it's truly a deal.
  7. Wenler

    Want to buy 7" & 10" Tablet but confused

    Probably you can take a look at the following site, and I noticed their tablets have been discussed a lot on many forums. Sounds great. The link is, Android Tablet Hope it helps. :unsure:
  8. Wenler

    Viewsonic G docking stand

    I noticed the Malata Zpad is promoted by this site, a Chinese one called Nowsupplier. Here is the link to the tablet, Malata ZPad T2 So, it will work fine with this tablet, isn't it?
  9. Wenler

    Android powered home DECT phone

    Not too bad, though the specs. looks a little blue. Anyway........lol............
  10. Wenler

    Android or Windows?

    It seems that the 2011 would be Android year. So many giants already declare their Android plans, including Moto, BenQ, Toshiba,... We will see on CES.
  11. Wenler

    A new case for samsung Galaxy Tab

    I'm looking for a case with pink color but can't find any one. Sad.....lol...........
  12. Wenler

    Android or Windows?

    I do think Window OS is too slow and lagged for smart phone. So, I would choose Android phone undoubtedly. Here is another one for your check: http://www.nowsupplier.com/g2-magic-androi...lack-p-517.html This phone runs Android 2.0, as you know, it's much better and really powerful.
  13. Wenler

    market problems

    Did you check your configuration or network before?
  14. Wenler

    Another New HTC, full-QWERTY destined for Verizon

    Sounds great! It's pretty cool!
  15. Wenler

    Touch Screen Doesn't work

    I bought a second hand HTC Desire a couple of weeks ago. Well, it works well at first, but it stuck now. The touch screen doesn't work now. So, what should I do? change another screen? is possible? Tks!

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