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  1. I'm using a White Gnex.. I need say no more ;-)
  2. Hi Paul, Are all three of these now fixed in the kitchen? i saw you have done the top and bottom ones, as i too have issue of selecting RH menu only but have it both sides. Cheers Ross.
  3. Hey all, quick question, Anyone else having an issue with cwm if I flash that using Rom manager, and try and boot into recovery, it just hangs on the green android. battery pull and phone boots normally, put back on and it boots into recovery fine. (its a white osf (Tft) that's been gen1 to gen2 updated running cm7 nightlies. Not that should make any difference) Tia. Ross
  4. Seem to be getting more and more launcher crashes lately. most often when unplugging from dock, but not limited to that. running HR7, and havent done anything else to it. anyone else having issues? or how can i find out whats causing it? cheers Ross.
  5. Hi TigTex, installed 88 fresh, fully wiped, and runs a treat. thanks for your work. one minor problem, not sure if its just me, but the home button isnt functioning correctly. i feel the haptic feedback when i press it, so i know its working, but it doenst take me home. is there a setting ive missed? Thanks. :D
  6. Hey all. Just a quick note incase you didnt know it was possible, you can control your home PC from ANYWHERE on your TF Been doing some digging on the net about getting Splashtop (in MyCloud App) working over 3G / other WIFI networks after @Keef319 suggested it should be possible. anyway, found a guide which appears to be for Ipads, but works flawlessly on the TF too. http://support-remote.splashtop.com/entrie...e-network-or-3g Basically, you need to set your firewall to accept TCP connections for splashtop using ports 6783-6785 then use the PortForward site to create a static IP for your PC, and set up the rules in your router (all instuctions are there on the site, and link to page you need is in the link above) Then in the Mycloud app, click on menu, and then add, keyin your external IP, and hit connect! (it does say could not reach, but works anyway) Works a treat! :P
  7. Just a heads up. Spotted over on XDA. Firmware updates now on the Asus site, http://support.asus.com/Download.aspx?SLan...p;p=20&s=16 Click Android, then firmware. :mellow:
  8. Just picked up one of these, my baseband says 3UK_P726GB01 is this different to the one listed in OP? Also, how do I find out which Gen it is? (Want to put CWM recovery on it) cheers
  9. Mines still sat in the notification area. Unsure if I should install it or not before rooting? Will it cause problems after root if I dont?
  10. Good work there Paul, This looks very tempting, was planning on rooting and installing this, but as yet I see no way back to stock. How will installing this affect any updates from Asus (assuming there is at some point)??
  11. Yeah, me! Lol. Hasn't happened again, purposely not charged lat night to see if it happened again. But no. and I havent got Skype installed either. Might try getting battery to about 85% and leaving it overnight again. See what happens. Very odd though.
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