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  1. Excuse me, any solution........?:(
  2. Thanks for your help!! :) My phone just wipe all data (freeze at welcome screen), nothing apps installed. It should have enough free space,....I think. :huh: And the SD card have around 10GB. May I know how can I disable that command(which eating my free space :blink: )?
  3. Dear fear_factory84 The phone freeze very random. When it started and displaying "Preparing SD card", it is no problem. While the "Preparing" message disappered, the phone will freeze within 1-2 minutes then auto reboot. :) Attached is the logcat files. It just flash liquidNext 1.5.1 and wiped all data. Thankyou so much!! :rolleyes: Freeze_at_desktop.txt Freeze_at_welcome_screen.txt
  4. Are you using CM7 firmware? In T&L 2.2, I also no problem. It halt only on CM7 / 7.1. :)
  5. Dear liquid expert, Does any one know the latest firmware (CM7 / 7.1) support 16GB card or not? I'm using a liquid e with Kingmax 16G card, the liquid sometimes halt(no any response) about one more minute and auto reboot. The problem specifically in loading photos from "Gallary". I didn't know is it I stored more than 4000 photos(placed in different folder) and its resolution are very high(>4000 x 3000). When I use a 256MB spare SD card, it's no any problem. Also, I tried to flash back to 2.2, the problem also disappered. Have any one is using 16GB card with CM7.1? Thanks! Regards :)
  6. Thankyou very much, I tried many times to delete the drivers and re-install it before but no help. Once I use the drivers from acer website, it works prefect!
  7. Dear liquid expert, I'd updated my liquid E from t&l (2.2) to CM7(2.3). When I plug the USB cable to the phone (enabled USB debugging), windows show a new hardware detected and ask me to install the drivers. I found many driver from web but no one help. Then I flash back to t&l ROM, USB debugging go back to normal, ADB interface come back in windows device manager! I was tried CM7, 7.1, MIUI, LeoGingerBread, LiquidNext, the result same :rolleyes: ;) I tried to found the problem and discovered that the hardware ID(in windows device manager) was changed! When I using t&l, the hardware ID is ...VID_0502&PID_3202&... After I flash to CM7, the ID changed to ...VID_0502&PID_3222&... I modified the inf file from liquid driver but no help.... Is it correct when flash to a CM firmware? Any idea? Any expert can give a helping hand? Thanks~ :rolleyes: Regards :)
  8. dejiko

    Mega Jump

    may i know which "1 version" is? I wish to oc my liquide 2.2 but cannot found kernel many thanks!
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