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    So 3.2 is in the wild

    I for my 3.2 last Friday (US WiFi Xoom). I think the difference is down to who releases the updates. The US WiFi Xoom is the only Google Experience device and as such Google must release the updates. For the other models, round the world, Motorola are responsible for updates. A lot of the contents of 3.1 that Motorola released around the globe already had a lot of the fixes that we are seeing in the 3.2 Google update. Its confusing as hell but if you have the 3.1 Motorola update it can be deemed that you actually got a lot of the fixes before the Google Experience devices (well done Motorola on this). A release of 3.2 won't be as big an upgrade as you think. The difference being is how long will it take for Motorola to start to slack on the updates whilst Google continue to support their device much longer. As for 3.2, it didn't really bring me anything fabulous. Yes we have SD card access now, but it is just read only (unless rootd). I must say I think the browser and general OS does seem much more stable now but really that should have been the case with 3.0. I don't think your missing much, but agree, it would be nice if software on the 'same' devices is kept consistent for everyone's sake.
  2. You can set up so your chat messages get saved to Gmail. In your Gmail setting: (Save chat history. - Your chats will be saved under "Chats" in your Gmail account and you can search for them later. You can always go "off the record") I don't use Gtalk so can't confirm this actually works.
  3. The can download Gmail via the market.
  4. CM7 is supposed to have CIFS support but I don't use it myself so cant confirm for you. Also, some ROMS had apps2ext script built in. CM7 doesn't come with such scripts so you have to use a third party solution.
  5. Of use? (CifsManager) For apps to ext you need a separate Apps2Ext tool. I use Darktremor, some use simple2ext (and obviously your SD card formatted to have an ext partition!)
  6. Here a log of the bluetooth problem in N19 in case anything fancies working on it: 03-14 10:53:58.616: DEBUG/BluetoothService(202): Bluetooth state 10 -> 11 03-14 10:53:58.636: VERBOSE/BluetoothEventRedirector(674): Received android.bluetooth.adapter.action.STATE_CHANGED 03-14 10:53:58.646: INFO/bluedroid(202): Starting hciattach daemon 03-14 10:53:58.656: INFO/ActivityManager(202): Start proc com.android.bluetooth for broadcast com.android.bluetooth/.opp.BluetoothOppReceiver: pid=884 uid=10005 gids={3003, 3002, 3001, 1015} 03-14 10:53:58.766: ERROR/qcom-bluetooth(894): /system/etc/init.bt.sh: Bluetooth QSoC firmware download failed: exit code 1 03-14 10:53:58.896: DEBUG/szipinf(884): Initializing inflate state 03-14 10:53:58.956: INFO/ActivityThread(884): Pub com.android.bluetooth.opp: com.android.bluetooth.opp.BluetoothOppProvider 03-14 10:53:58.996: INFO/ActivityManager(202): No longer want com.google.android.apps.uploader (pid 726): hidden #16 03-14 10:53:59.006: DEBUG/SettingsAppWidgetProvider(674): Widget is from a previous version... Let's update 03-14 10:53:59.006: DEBUG/SettingsAppWidgetProvider(674): No instances yet... Wait for at least one instance to exist before adding global settings 03-14 10:54:06.746: DEBUG/WifiService(202): acquireWifiLockLocked: WifiLock{NetworkLocationProvider type=2 [email protected]} 03-14 10:54:08.376: INFO/wpa_supplicant(282): CTRL-EVENT-SCAN-RESULTS Ready 03-14 10:54:08.846: ERROR/bluedroid(202): bt_enable: Timeout waiting for HCI device to come up 03-14 10:54:08.846: DEBUG/BluetoothService(202): Bluetooth state 11 -> 10 03-14 10:54:08.866: VERBOSE/BluetoothEventRedirector(674): Received android.bluetooth.adapter.action.STATE_CHANGED
  7. Acathla-

    Problem: Moving Dalvik-Cache to SD

    Make sure you run 'a2sd check' to confirm the settings and if you haven't already, 'a2sd cachesd' to move the cache to SD.
  8. I also had a couple of occasions last night where the touch screen would fail to respond and had to battery pull to get phone to restart.
  9. Acathla-

    Problem: Moving Dalvik-Cache to SD

    I use Darktremor Apps2SD (with Dalvik moved to Ext) fine with JJ9: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=7025105 Note: Using version (have not tried the latest beta's)
  10. Have a look at the giffgaff settings app. Works a treat. http://community.giffgaff.com/t5/Contribut...v1-3/m-p/135126
  11. Acathla-

    Refurbished or New?

    I called Orange for a replacement on Thursday afternoon and they delivered me a brand new one at 8:30am on Friday morning. Brand New and OLED (Grey). Was convinced I was getting a TFT replacement so was very happy indeed. And for information, they only replaced the phone body. Had to keep SD/SIM/Batt/Back Cover
  12. filmon doesn't use flash on android. Go to www.filmon.com from your phone's browser.
  13. Make sure you don't have an old version of adb sitting in your windows or system32 folders that you might be running instead of the one from the SDK folder. I had problems but tied it down to an old adb.exe in my windows folder that once removed worked fine.
  14. Acathla-

    VM Heap Tool

    I think on a really basic level it defines the amount of memory available to each program 'heap'

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