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  1. I'm on a custom ROM (possibly Modaco Custom R12) and it's been fine for like 6 months. Last night, as usual, I started to charge my phone before I went to sleep, set my alarm, etc. Yesterday my battery lasted right through the day, no problems, etc. This morning when I woke, the screen wouldn't turn on, and everytime I hit the power button at the top it vibrated and did nothing. I took the battery out and eventually, after connecting it to the power without the battery in, it started up. At this point I put the battery in and it said "1%" and started charging. I assumed it was just a glitch or something had worn down the battery without me knowing and that the charger wasn't connected right or something. Anyway, I'm at work and I connected my USB to my phone so it could continue to charge throughout the day (It was at like 12% when I left the house). However, just ten minutes ago I heard my phone rumbling, and it just had a black screen. I did the same as before, except this time it would only go as far as the green android dude and then restart. It did this about 20 times, and just now (I'm not sure how) I managed to get it past the green android screen, past the Modaco boot screen and back to my home screen, but I have no idea what's happening. :( Any ideas? Is the battery dead? It's doing this while it's charging!
  2. I've been wary of updating to a custom ROM because I've heard conflicting things about various custom ROMs dropping calls, wasting loads of battery, etc. so which ROM can I download that I can reliably rely on? If I've posted this in the wrong section, please move it to the right one or advise me where to repost it. Thanks.
  3. Thanks. My new SIM for my old phone activated straight away, so I thought they couldn't be that busy.
  4. Hi, I wasn't sure where to put this. I got my San Francisco yesterday around 5pm. The guy set it up so my number would move to a new SIM card for the SF, and I also bought a new SIM to replace the now dead one in my old phone (Orange Rio) so I could give that to my brother. When I bought the Rio, the transfer from SIM to SIM was almost immediate. They said in the shop "We're supposed to tell you 2 - 24 hours, but it won't take that long. It'll be pretty much immediately." and it was almost immediate. The new SIM card I bought for my brother activated pretty quickly, but my new SIM for my SF STILL hasn't transferred! I used Phone Fund to upgrade and I don't know what I can do! I think my number (And credit! And data allowance for using the Android Market!! etc.!!) has vanished into oblivion! Anyone know about this?
  5. Sorry, so do I need to have a ROM of some sort ready to install after I root it, or can I just root it and leave it without needing a ROM handy to install? I don't have the net at home, so if I root it and it asks for a new ROM to install, I won't be able to get that!
  6. Thanks! What's the pros and cons of different ROMs? I know the Orange one is horrible and although I don't have it I already don't like it.
  7. I'm getting my SF next week! I think I'll be able to follow the instructions as to how to root it, but when it comes to ROMs I'm a bit lost. Which one should I use? Do I need one to make the machine work after rooting? Many thanks! :)
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