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  1. Well the thing is I´ve updated my Lg GT540 on 2.3.2 Swiftdroid or something like that with fastboot long time ago. Then changed phone to HTC Desire and I wanted to put my old phone back on 2.1 and sell it. Running KDZ Updater probably wasn´t the brightest idea and now the when the phone boots it is always stuck on flashing Android logo. No matter how many times I flash it it still occurs. I think I can still get to fastboot ( Power + Camera get it to empty black screen) but it´s really long time since I´ve flash it and can´t find the guide I used. Please help me what I should do next me or direct me to some thread with guide how exactly use fastboot. Now I dnť care on what software version... I just want to get the phone running again. Thank you all very much.
  2. Hi everyone, can someone help me? I´ve got clear installation of 2.1 ROM with fastboot, but when I´ve opened commad line and typed fastboot.exe -w. An error just pops out saying "Program can´t be runned because AdbWinApi.dll is missing. Try solving it by reinstall." I´ve followed the guide step by step, what should I do? Thanks everyone
  3. Hi guys I´m new here and I just decided to upgrade my Optimus On 2.1. I followed the guide in thread HOW TO INSTALL ANDROID 2.1 ON OPTIMUS and hoped it will work but I´ve got Error 6 (or something like that) and now my phone shows just blue screen :-( I´ve followed step by step and don´t know what went wrong and what to do now to get my hone working again... at least. Can someone help me please. Thanks EDIT: To add more info this is what the updater showed: [11:34:11:483] : Write NV item:9028 NV ITEM 9028 [11:34:11:483] : 9028 - NV_DONE_S Item [11:34:11:592] : _DloadMode() [11:34:11:592] : ¸Ţ˝ĂÁö ş¸łż TYPE_WPARAM_CHANGE_DLOAD 4 [11:34:11:592] : >>Change Offline Mode [DIAG_CONTROL_F/Mode = 1] [11:34:11:592] : Clear [11:34:11:592] : >>Change Dload Mode [DIAG_DLOAD_F] [11:34:11:592] : WM_COPYDATA ¸Ţ˝ĂÁö ş¸łż 3 - DLOAD [11:34:11:592] : Clear [11:34:11:592] : 2_DIAG_DLOAD_F DLOAD_RESET_F do not wait for response [11:34:11:592] : #ifdef FEATURE_L4 [11:34:11:592] : Clear [11:34:11:608] : WM_COPYDATA ¸Ţ˝ĂÁö ş¸łż 3 - Close Port [11:34:11:608] : Close Port<< [11:40:51:608] : OPEN_PORT_FAIL [11:40:51:608] : TYPE_WPARAM_UPGRADE_ERROR [11:40:51:608] : ¸Ţ˝ĂÁö ş¸łż - TYPE_WPARAM_UPGRADE_ERROR Error Code = 6 [11:40:51:671] : Log finished
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