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  1. What happens if I flash a Modaco Custom Rom over the AtomicMod? Do I loose all my apps or settings?
  2. Xda is just overcrowded, the p990 community here is smaller - and more relaxed. Sometimes I get reboots with your ROM, but so does the stock one as well.. GPS is also quite slow from time to time. Nevertheless a great ROM.
  3. Could you check whether the French version is simlocked? 240€ sounds like a good deal.
  4. Seems that the OSD is also available in France. However there's no PAYG price given :-/ http://mobile-shop.orange.fr/telephone-portable/orange-avec-intel-inside
  5. I flashed the new version and the softkey patch. Looks smooth as usual, the deep sleep issue after airplane mode is still present. I'm now checking the battery life.
  6. Looks like the github page has been removed. Posting bugs or change requests in this thread doesn't make sense. => Tilal: Where / Should we report issues?
  7. My phone (running the 15/05 build) does not vibrate, it is only ringing. The checkbox "vibrate and ring" in the phone settings is ticked and the phone vibrates when using the keyboard. Anybody else having this issue?
  8. Same here. But I'm using IMAP to get my mails pushed to my Blade -- thus I'm always online. Maybe you got some similar issue.
  9. @david: Check 2nd post -- no preview @tila: Can we be of any help regarding the camera issue?
  10. I agree with you, there's no need for an official 2.2 rom. 2.3 would make sense, but that won't happen from my point of view. BTW: Could somebody please delete the non-English posts?
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