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    BBC iplayer and Adobe AIR on x86 devices

    Nope :( Thanks! Will check it out...
  2. rochitka

    Google - PLEASE fix the next version of the Play Store!

    Although now there is a "My Apps" section, after installing an app from there / removing an app from there, jumps you back to the top of the list (as Paul described above) - very annoying when you have a big list!
  3. rochitka

    BBC iplayer and Adobe AIR on x86 devices

    ...which is the update.zip linked here I presume? http://www.modaco.co...ctly-for-noobs/ Edit: looks like I am barking up the wrong tree here aren't I, it's not going to be as simple as finding a modified apk file... In the update.zip I see a 9MB libflashplayer.so file in system\lib\plugins\com.adobe.flashplayer, which I have no idea what to do with. And a FlashPlayer.apk file which is only 80KB from system\app
  4. rochitka

    BBC iplayer and Adobe AIR on x86 devices

    Guys, what Adobe Flash version do you use? It's been modified to work with the OSD I think I read? Anyone tried it on the Razr I? (I am willing to, got hold of a Razr I today - am deciding whether to keep it or not!)
  5. Paul, is another release in the pipeline to fix the bugs in this release, or are you planning to wait for the euro 2.2 rom to be released? You are so close! A good collation of the bugs were given by a poster some pages back
  6. Hi, don't have my San Fran on me for the next few days so can't test myself unfortunately... wanted to know if battery life on this ROM has improved much since rls6? Back then it was pretty dreadful in comparison to 2.1 roms and Pauls MCR rom. Am liking the number and promptness of bug fixes though so am considering giving it another go if the battery life problem has been sorted? Thks
  7. Am quite aware of this. No notification appears in the notification bar (even when expanding the notification area). This is definitely a bug and not something people are misunderstanding. Have just learnt from a recent post (thanks samjam) that the widgetsoid etc. problem with the data connection not toggling off/on might be fixed by rebooting once more. (I had rebooted a couple of times since installing r11) As I don't have access to the phone for a few days I request all who have the USB mount problem to reboot once more (and the PC itself) and give it another go as maybe it is just a case of the rom/scripts "settling down"? (I tried different USB ports also - that didn't help me - but give that a go also)
  8. "Glad" to hear its not just us and we have a defect San Fran phone. Also, does anyone else use widgetsoid / extended controls / switchpro power widgets? With r11 on our San Fran we can't get the data connection toggle widget to work. This is the biggest annoyance out of all the bugs as widget power bar is the first thing I install and data connection toggle is the most important one for me (due to data connection being a massive battery eater!)
  9. Thanks for the heads up - I didn't make it clear that this worked on r10 for me. I will edit my post
  10. My feedback: Installed r11 (with ZTE dialer and gingerbread stuff) after wipe data+cache. Issues: - when connecting USB cable to PC no USB notification appears (battery icon goes to charging though) - so I cannot change it to mount the SD card. USB connection notification worked fine on r10 for me. - widgetsoid, extended controls and switchpro cannot turn on or off the mobile data connection :-( - don't see option for FB contacts merging (but this could just be me being a dumb @$$ as I have never had a ROM thus far on this phone which is supposed to be able to do it - and its prob different to how my main phone HTC Desire does it as that has Sense wrapped on top) Call log seems fine: I have no "boxes" there Thanks
  11. Hi, could you provide a link to the topic thread where this is discussed pls? I haven't come across this yet in my travels. Thks
  12. Now this is gonna be interesting - you think a fix is possible P?
  13. I assume it isn't an add-on that needs checking a check box (as I don't see any options for it) ? Thanks
  14. So if this is using the new kernel.. can anymore confirm whether the wifi disconnect on sleep bug is fixed? I don't have a san fran at the mo so I cannot test sorry
  15. FYI - not sure if it has already been mentioned re: release 6, but just in case it hasn't, am experiencing the good ol' wifi disconnecting when asleep bug in r6

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