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  1. Hi friends - for anyone having poblems with partition sizes, I uploaded a TPT flash file some time ago (that I made for myself using TPT Helper) which has a 2Mb Cache / 200Mb System / 254 Mb Data. If you download and unzip this file, you should get a folder called image. Put that onto the root of your SD card and hold MENU & VOL+ and power on. Of course this will completely nuke your phone and repartition it. Hope that helps.
  2. I don't know if it will help, but you could try this page on XDA. More information here.
  3. I have one more idea (don't know if it is a good idea, might not work) - there is an updated Google keyboard on the app store. I know it's another app, but it might be smaller than TouchPal X.
  4. I think Gbosh is busy with other things - I think he's stopped working on this ROM, so there are probably lots of things that need further development. I don't have any more ideas, sorry.
  5. Hey app10336 - I'm not sure if this is what you are after but you could try installing TouchPal X, that might give you a way to get emoji's. Hope that helps.
  6. Hi friends. I know we all love Zeelog's excellent work and eagerly await his next update, but like he said in his first post, don't ask about new versions... they will come when he has time. Let's also remember that he's bringing something to our humble Blades that it was never designed to run, so if it's not 100% perfect, don't dwell on the 5% that isn't working, enjoy and be thankful for the 95% that is working and remember that he's doing this in his own time for our benefit.
  7. Hi friends... I guess this thread has come to an end? Seems like our friend gbosh hasn't had time to continue his amazing work. Anyone know of another dev working on this?
  8. Hi uzicohen10. I had exactly the same issue with my text messages - they appeared only for a second then disappeared until I figured out what was going on. My humble ZTE Blade is running a custom 4.4.4 ROM and it supports App Ops (I just this second checked before posting this reply). On my device, it's built into the ROM itself, but in your case, if it's no longer there, then you might be able to get it back again by installing Xposed from here. Once installed and enabled, then install App Ops from here. Hopefully that might sort out the issue for you. Good luck. Hope this helps. EDIT - I forgot to mention - you will need root access on your device to make this all work.
  9. I can send you a TPT image with a 200Mb system partition if you want to use that. This ROM only needs 180Mb but I like to have just a little extra... just in case Zeelog ever needs to go over slightly. Also remember that to use this ROM and install more than 2 apps (yes I know it's more than 2, I'm just being silly) you will also need to partition your SD card (which will wipe its contents, so you'll need to back it up before you do it). You could of course just make your own TPT image of whatever size you want. Good luck.
  10. Great Stuff, thanks. I must say, this is by far the smoothest and fastest version I have run so far... I don't do anything complicated on my phone to be honest, but that which I do use, is running far better than before. Thank you Zeelog - keep up the amazing work! :)
  11. Hi friends. I have just installed the latest version (10 July) and just going through setting up the basics. I am not sure if the soft buttons on the bottom of the screen are default or if I have enabled them, but seeing as our Blade has hard buttons, I would like to reclaim a little more screen space by disabling them - anyone know if that's possible and if so, where I go to disable them? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi friends... can someone explain about this please? Why do we need a script to wipe dalvik? I normally boot into CWM and do it from there. Is that not wiping it correctly? Thanks.
  13. Hello fellow Blade lovers. My apologies if this topic has already been posted in the Blade section... I did a few keyword searches to check first, but didn't find anything, so thought I might make a post just in case others are having the same problem. Like many of you who are enjoying KitKat on our Blades (thanks to the great Zeelog for all his amazing work here) one of the minor problems I found was the change in permissions of how messaging works and how this affects SMS Backup/Restore apps - namely that when restoring text messages they don't re-appear. To be clear, this is nothing to do with Zeelog, this is a change to the way KitKat deals with messaging. I cannot take any credit for this - I did some searching on the internet and found a few different sites discussing this issue and possible solutions. All I am doing here is just highlighting the way to get it working specific to Zeelog's KitKat for Blade users when using the app SMS Backup+ by Jan Berkel. The theory would suggest that it would work for other similar apps as well, but I have only tested it with this app. In brief (and from what I can make out), it relates to a change in KitKat where only the default designated SMS application has permissions to write to the SMS database. In order to get it working, you need App Ops - which our KitKat has. So here is what you do to restore your text messages: 1) Go into Settings>Privacy 2) Go into the first option Privacy Guard 3) Press the MENU button (or select the 3 square dots top right on the screen) and select Advanced 4) Scroll to the right twice so you get to the MESSAGING section 5) Scroll down until you find SMS Backup+ and then select it 6) Scroll down until you find the parameter Write SMS DB and you will see it is set to DENIED 7) Change it to ALLOWED That's it. Now when you restore your call and text logs you will get all your text messages back. From what I can see, there is no reason why you cannot leave it set to ALLOWED. Looking at the features of SMS Backup+, you can automate backups but not automate restores, so I cannot see any reason for putting it back to DENIED. I cannot comment on any other backup/restore apps as this is my app of choice - but I guess that if you are not sure then DENY it once you have restored your logs. Hope this helps.
  14. One other minor thing - for the life of me, I cannot find the option to enable the 3 different types of reboot in the power menu with this new version... I am sure that prevously there was an option somewhere so that when choosing reboot, you then had the option of REBOOT, RECOVERY and BOOTLOADER - but I can't seem to find how to enable that anymore. If someone could point me in the right direction, thanks.

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