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  1. Using a LG P999 (WIND Optimus 2X or T-Mobile G2X) and I haven't broken any bones.
  2. To use NVFlash, you must turn the phone off, take the battery out, then hold vol up and down while plugging in USB and don't let go. Then you can NVFlash.
  3. This poll is to help me decide what to add and/or remove from my ROM. The ROM's thread is here. UPDATE: I am decided, no more need to have a poll. In the ROM itself, it will be clean. But I will make a flashable app-pack to accompany the ROM if the user wishes to have apps.
  4. It's here. Go check again. I also have my own. Give MoDaCo feedback here or post in that thread on XDA.
  5. Hello Pulse Mini and U81XX users. I am currently developing and testing a Froyo ROM on XDA. The thread is found here. I would like some feedback and help if possible with this ROM. Thank You in advance.
  6. It could possibly be a calibration issue. try re-calibrating the phone's screen.
  7. There is a beta Froyo ROM on XDA most things work except for wifi (being worked on in another thread on XDA) ,calibration of the screen, and the radio. (To fix the audio problem, take the libaudio.so from a 2.1 ROM for pulse mini or U81xx) UPDATE: I have my own Froyo ROM and it is doing fairly well. If you want to test it, please give feedback and/or advice on MoDaCo here or in the XDA thread
  8. Possible to flash or port to U8100 (almost the same as pulse mini)?
  9. Is it possible to flash this on the U8100 (similar to pulse mini)? or will it not work?
  10. I was able to get the latest ClockworkMOD recovery by flashing a .zip [ it HERE)] in the old recovery( EDIT: it doesn't seem to stick :) so i have to flash it every time i want to use it
  11. Would this work on éclair(2.1)? Thanks in advance.
  12. TCT = The Celestial Teapot, JIT = Just In Time compilation. You can get TCT from the XDA thread as well as all the addons EDIT: TCT RLS 3 now available.
  13. It works well ,but get TCT. Also get JIT , decided to drop overclocking. Yes sometimes wifi doesnt start but try a couple of times and it should work.
  14. I got the theme to work but i have only one issue; the text in the notification bar is still black not white. All you had to do was take it and flash it like a ROM from the custom boot image. EDIT: i will try the vanilla bar instead to see if it looks better EDIT 2:Vanilla bar looks good too and the text is black -- easy to read
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