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  1. Looking forward to the release, m8! see that you had lots of progress on github, final testing stage now?
  2. This is exciting news! wouldn't flashing an nvitems back up from an unlocked skate to a locked state unlock the latter?
  3. whatcolour


    Coarse network location somehow is refusing to work, check news and weather widget to confirm
  4. whatcolour


    Happened on 1.7 as well, I of course wiped everything before flashing. Should be simple for tillaz to fix though
  5. whatcolour


    Messaging -> Settings, force closes Gtalk, force closes The only two minor issues left I reckon. G8 rom!
  6. whatcolour

    TurboSIM unlocks the OMC!!

    I am having exactly the same problem that one of the above posts had, i.e., signal when first plugged in, lost when switching on data and after reboots nothing worked since (no signal what-so-ever). tillaz, care to share a bit on what exactly you did to make it work? I have tried what you mentioned in a previous post but still no luck. I am thinking whether this is a network related thing, is anyone using Three find the unlock sim working?
  7. Plan to release soon, m8? I ask because all ZTE roms wouldn't allow sip calls to work properly, either crashing apps such as csipsimple or routes audio to loudspeaker.
  8. Cheers m8. Is this based on the generic UK dump?
  9. I had several goes without success, re-downloaded, swapped sd cards, used both mac and pc, and still throws errors at around 88%. Gonna wait for the next version. Got any plans to hack amss.bin or else to unlock?
  10. Great find! As said, this carries the best shot we have in unlocking.
  11. whatcolour

    Unlocking The Orange Monte Carlo

    Thanks a lot, m8! Really looking forward to it!
  12. whatcolour

    Unlocking The Orange Monte Carlo

    Yes, the code was extracted a while ago. Your theory is however quite interesting, getting the unlock code by simply calling a function that's built into the actual rom?
  13. See An unlocked rom doesn't help I am afraid, I know because I made a rom off Taiwan T3 and the lock still exists. We need to reflash the firmware (just like how we upgraded Gen1 blades to Gen2)
  14. Really hope I have one of those... Seems they just started selling the ZTE branded skates, so there shouldn't be too long a wait now!

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