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  1. It took 16 minutes in the first boot, and then the wifi worked ;) .
  2. Sorry, I was not specific. It can't find any WiFi network. Flashed another ROM (a gingerbread one) meanwhile, and it is working. You want a logcat while it tries to find WiFi networks? Don't know if it's important, but whenever I flash the ROM, it never goes to "desktop", it stays on boot screen (even after 20 minutes). But if I remove the battery, the second time boots fine. Thanks for the help ;) .
  3. +1 that Wi-Fi does not work (had CM10 previously, where it worked, formated system as wiped everything). :(
  4. Just wanted to thanks hedgepigdanielfor the tutorial, thanks to this I have put my faulty blade back to stock to sent it to warranty!
  5. I have MMS and don't pay for internet. I only have the MMS APN, and I have to uncheck and check the "data connection" on (I have to uncheck and check it everytime I reboot), this way it works.
  6. It's working now, did not notice the changes at first. Thanks!
  7. I went to the configuration, removed the button, and added them again later, I also disabled and enabled the notification widgetbut the problem continued. What do I have to do?
  8. With today's update the brightness and sound buttons on the notification bar stopped working (I press and nothing changes), but the rest works. Is anyone having the same problem?
  9. Maybe it is some app doing that ? I am on 221 (same as 7.1.0), and in 12H I was still with 87% of battery, having played a game (10min or so) and, some wifi .
  10. Does anyone have any problem with USB? When the SD-Card is mounted in the Blade (when it was mounted on the PC before) , the phone freezes (and does not reboot), it is the first time that this as happened to me (in both 216 and 217, did not try older roms). Sometimes even unplugging the usb cable (without mounting) will make the phone freeze. edit: Forgot an important thing, the buttons and screen do not work, but the clock in the screen works...
  11. Today had my first Bluetooth problem, the phone could not detect any BT device around me, only worked after a restart , this happened a couple of times.
  12. I have a black one since july, it is somewhat loose, but other than that, it is ok.
  13. Thanks for the tip! Let's hope it gets better.
  14. It happens the same with me, I thought it was from ADW EX, but it kept doing the same thing with Go Launcher (but less times). It still happens with the new kernel (but not so bad), and yes, all the themes still work.

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