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  1. ChinaT

    [ROM] Onyx (CM7; updated 2012 04 22)

    At my personal experience much better then other CM 7.2.
  2. ChinaT

    [ROM] Styx (CM6; updated 2012 05 25)

    Simplified Chinese or can not use
  3. Thank you for your nice work! Simplified Chinese is not displayed correctly。May need to replace a font file。
  4. This rom is very nice! It's very fast,too! I love this rom!But,I found two questions.1.When the call ends, if the other party hangs up the phone and phone will be displayed has been in the call, and can not call any other phone unless the phone restart.2.When I use a WENXIN (LINK:http://dldir1.qq.com/foxmail/weixin36android.apk), I can not use its voice SMS.
  5. I'll try it,thanks!
  6. ChinaT

    [ROM] Styx (CM6; updated 2012 05 25)

    Thank you for your enthusiastic!I try to express my meaning in English。I brush the latest 32kernel rom,problem is still there.When I brush machine and then reboot the system,I select the English language, I can enter the system。However, as long as I select the Simplified Chinese language, after reboot stop in "Android" interface.
  7. ChinaT

    [ROM] Styx (CM6; updated 2012 05 25)

    楼主你好,相信你能看得懂简体。我刷了你的32核心的rom,卡在开机设置的最后一屏。 我尝试删除setupwizard.apk,能进入桌面了,但是进不了 设置的时间和日期 设置。重启后,卡在android画面。 坛子中其他用户也是这样。不过有人说,在设置的时候,语言选择繁体,或者刷机时不插入sim卡(英文),这时候使用正常。
  8. I wipe it! Very good,the sound is bigger. I wish that wifi can wake up after sleep. THX
  9. I love this rom,thx! This is the sencod life for U8220
  10. pier11 is a great man! Thank you I had wipe it,but I found it not have Chinese language,:(。Please add it。
  11. ChinaT

    I need help,please

    I had done it,it works perfect!Thanks!
  12. ChinaT

    I need help,please

    Thank you!I will try it. Is it ok?
  13. ChinaT

    I need help,please

    If CHT8000+ flash the 710 Mhz OC ROM,it will continually reboot.How to fix it?Someboy tell me ,please! 英文实在太差,中文吧,希望有看得懂的大牛能回答下。我的CHT8000+只要一刷超频的rom,绝对不断重启,毫无例外, 是不是这个机器被锁频了,还是什么别的原因。有什么解决方法吗?
  14. Thank you! I don't know how to flash boot.img from recovery,please tell me. Can I replace the zip's boot.img and resign the ZIP, then I flash the zip from Recovery?

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