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  1. hi technoholico, could you explain how to 1.check my phones partiton size? 2.how to change the partition to 190mb? thanks.
  2. boru6


    thanks all for your replies!! i think ill wait as said if it aint broke! thanks again.
  3. boru6


    thanks shmizan, so i should wait for CM7.1?
  4. hi all, ive got CM7 RC 4 on my blade. which runs without imho fault. my question, is it worth upgrading to a GEN2 CM7?
  5. boru6

    Completely Unresponsive Phone

    GK, you need to tell us how far you went through the update process.
  6. boru6

    rom manager

    thanks found an automatic way to put clockwork & cm7 on so did that ! so easy with it. its here [Guide] Upgrading from 2.1 (or 1.6) to 2.3 swiftdroid
  7. boru6

    rom manager

    hi all,ive installed cm7 on phone and in apps it has rom manager. when i open this and try to install clockworkmod recovery it produces a list of phones. but gt540 is not listed. is their a type if phone on the list i should use? cheers
  8. boru6

    android screen

    hi all,well this is ONE,i tried it again but using win7. i was on xp before. fastboot -w worked. phone now working. thanks all for your time and help!!!!! CHEERS.
  9. boru6

    android screen

    right. update took every thing off and eventually put euro2.1fastboot on, guess what?? im back to android screen! any ideas everyone?? cheers
  10. boru6

    android screen

    hi dr alani, im sure i did but im going to go through the sequence again as in the guide for updating to cyanogen mod 7. cheers! fastboot.exe -w is what i did.
  11. boru6

    android screen

    thanks all, have now put euro2.1 fastboot rom on,andbooted into fastboot. installed cyanogen mod 7,but will not go any further than the cyanogen screen. no button work either.am i missing something?? cheers.
  12. boru6

    android screen

    thanks liam, is there a guide,i can flash the phone but would need an explaination for the directory bits! cheers
  13. boru6

    android screen

    cheers dr.alani, that is how i reflashed with baltic2.0, i waited for kdz to say finished. sticks on the android screen and just reloads it.
  14. boru6

    android screen

    hi all,my gt540 would do nothing but force close every thing and then reboot. ive tried re flashing v20 baltic rom but now it wont get by the android logo? hope for some help? cheers

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