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  1. Anyone with an A1 and this ROM installed that can say how much RAM is available (183mb or 205mb, it depends on the kernel). .
  2. Awesome. Can't try yet unfortunately. @A1 users; does this ROM have 204 mb or 189 mb RAM available? Great work!
  3. How much RAM is available in total? 189 mb or 204?
  4. This ROM works really good but drains the battery a lot in standby :/ Much more than my previous ROM (CM7.2 remix if I remember it right)
  5. I posted the link in the first post. In that ROM there's 203 mb RAM available.
  6. Hello, I've been running on CM7.2 with lupohirps kernel for months now and it's excellent. Lupohirp had found some memory leaks and on his kernel 205 mb was available instead of 183 mb! I wanted to try CM9 but I've seen it uses the kernels with only 183 mb. That 22 mb extra would it make much more usable on the A1. Does anyone know something more about this memory thing? It was used on this ROM: http://www.modaco.co...-e/page__st__60 -Thomas
  7. Thmz159

    CM9 ROMs

    I've never tested CM9, but I think bootloop is most of the time due not enough RAM. Try after booting to go immediatly to Applications -> Active services and kill everything that is there so you have as much RAM as possible. Then try to install autokiller from the playstore and indeed set it on aggressive. That should keep the RAM free. Also, check if in CM settings Purging of Assets is enabled, 16 bit transparency is enabled, surface dithering disabled...
  8. ^Try reflashing it with the tool on the acer site. I'm looking for a new ROM. Preferably CM7.2. Is the CM7.2 V2 of Ainilla better or the Lupo ROM (download link somewhere in this thread)? I'd like good battery drain.
  9. LiquidNext 1.9.2 has proven that Gingerbread can be fully stable and functional on our device. And Gingerbread + full ICS theme and Holo Launcher = awesome :) (unfortunately there's no LiquidNext with CM7.2, but we already have got much from the devs :) )
  10. It'd be awesome if the youpi666 rom would have that kernel with 200+ mb available RAM :o
  11. Many thanks for testing. I'll reinstall the rom and hope it'll work. :P EDIT: it was because of picotts that I freezed with titanium backup :) EDIT2: Sygic still doesn't work :(
  12. For me, deep sleep works. But Sygic and Copilot close at startup (no crash report or force close thing, just goes to homescreen), can anyone try Sygic or Copilot from the market (free) and see if it starts up? I need GPS tomorrow :/
  13. Happy birthday man! Bon anniversaire! Gelukkige verjaardag! ;) Enjoy your evening! :D
  14. Try the app Videocam Illusion (and optionally, set the resolution to 640x480, default is 480x320). I think it's better than stock, but still not very usable for fast movements etc. I've also tried lgCamera but it's as bad as stock..
  15. Works perfectly for me ;) flashed it over the previous version (upgrade).
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