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  1. AWesome effort, thanks a lot Paul!! Worked like a charm...
  2. Sold out in UK as well now. Bit surprised to be honest...
  3. Why US only? I'm more than happy with my Nexus 4 still (finger-print magnet and bad battery to one side) but I'd love to see it over here and can't really see the logic of not bringing it out England way.
  4. Swift key is awesome! Been my go-to keyboard since Gingerbread and can't see that changing. Others are (to be honest about it) blatently copying them but they will always be number on in my book.
  5. Well I've joined the tribe. Put my credit card where my mouth is so-to-speak. I'm always commenting (both in conversation and online forums/article comment sections) that I feel many competitors makes for a healthy, thriving market so I've slapped down a €100 pre-order for a Jolla phone which I will (hopefully) get as a self-acquired Christmas present. Hoping for a life-changing experience, will settle for a pretty unique (amongst my friends and colleagues) smartphone with an 'Exclusive Other Half' plus the knowledge I'm backing up my typed words with affirmative action. Now we play the waiting game...
  6. Very much agree, especially as you can tether at no extra cost so you can simply use the phone sim for data (tablets or whatever) and have some free call time as well... Crazy but a cracking deal, long may it last!!
  7. Ovivo saga continues: http://ovivomobile.com/4089/blog/mobile-advertising-is-back/ The nuts & bolts of it (without the child friendly graphics) are - *Each time you open your phone browser you will see a selection of offers from chosen partners that they think will be relevant to you. *Click on offer or after 5 seconds you can press “Continue”" at the bottom of the page to continue browsing to your chosen site. Too intrusive? I don't think it will be so will be trying it ouit on my phone as of next week. I'm also curious to see how this will be implimented on mi-fi... Oh well, soon see I suppose.
  8. They've changed the set up again for Ovivo. You can't buy top-up 'Ovivo Packs' anymore for when you've used up your free allowance, you can either pay for extra per minute/text/mb you use from money on your account or (and this is what they are encouraging) sign up for their pay-per-month deals. All very reasonable deals but you just can't beat free now, can you? I fear this company will not be around by this time next year but whilst they are around I'm gonna grab the free data whilst th going is good...
  9. Got my £8.99 Thincharger plug and it's great. The folding Earth pin is made of plastic and doesn't feel the most premium but it does its job and to be honest the job is hardly needing a premium look, just something that works. It's good enough to charge most, if not all, smart phones, folds thin into your pocket. Sweet, job's a good'un!
  10. I've bought one of the thinchargers from amazon for £8.99. Will update this thread when it arrives...
  11. My Free Data allowance reset standard, no problems. Happy days, Ovivo working well with no worries (or additional adverts) to speak of! Their site itself is getting a little 'advert-intensive' but that's nothing for free mb each month...
  12. Device looks great. Real smooth looking and dead convenient. At that cost I just can't justify it to myself. Shouldn't take long to come down in price... Hopefully!
  13. Great, useful thread. I signed up with Ovivo and have had no complaints. Even paid for some extra mb when I wanted to stream something and couldn't wait, felt good to pay a little start-up company a couple of quid for a decent service, especially as I plan on only using the free 500mb allowance for the foreseeable future. Seems they're hiring new directors or some such business, not too sure if that's just to give potential customers comfort but I hope they manage to stay afloat for some time to come as I use a mi-fi device for my sim and have never seen any Ovivo adverts... Oh well, if it's working don't hex it I suppose :-)
  14. Done. Sorted. Laughing. I've been dreaming of getting another 4.3 inch screen beauty after my HD2 screen was broken 6 months after I bought it. Maybe, just maybe...
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