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  1. Has anyone figured out how to unlock this yet? I can see a lot of these being sold as first time smartphones. What a deal!
  2. This site is down now, Google have clearly been in contact.
  3. I struggle to believe that Google would let Samsung keep a proprietary cable in it. Must be faked
  4. If the 820 is this much, what will the 920 be like. Crazy expensive
  5. what do you have against the sanfran, its a great machine and basically the best under 100
  6. the old beebplayer app works perfectly for me. google the.apk
  7. good luck with this lads, its an interesting thing MIUI. is it based on 2.2 yeah? will be here for testing
  8. where did you get the custom icons for the BBC news app?
  9. sweet, this bodes well for the future of unreal games on the device :(
  10. which card is it you have, i would be interested in getting one
  11. dont buy apps is the simple solution. Its a joke that they still havent integrated something like paypal to make it easier for international customers to buy apps. Steam used to have this problem, their christmas sales suddenly became a lot less attractive with a £2 surcharge, paypal solved this for me. Some android developers allow you to buy an activation code through their own site which helps.
  12. i am on stock 2.1 and i have this problem as well. ive chalked it up to general pains in the arse
  13. also, if you go to the widget locker site you can avoid the transaction fee of google checkout and buy it on paypal.
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