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  1. For me it works on 2.1 a long time :lol:
  2. Ok Now read this post and guide: autorootapp2sd If you stuck somewhere ask and I will help to you Little tip: Someone says that if you choose option 4 (Full App2SD) it slows your mobile so choose option 1. (I did that) ;)
  3. Try this: 2. How to root my 2.1 device ? Credits to joestone for the links. * Download 1click root for GT540 * Excract zip file * Make sure USB DEBUGGING is turned on in the phone. Go to Settings > Applications > Development and turn on USB debugging mode. * Make sure MASS STORAGE mode is turned off. Go to Settings > SD card & phone storage and turn off Mass storage only. * Launch root.bat from extracted folder. * Now wait and be patient, it should take ~1minute to root your device. * The phone should restard after it, when it boots up you will have sucesfully rooted your device.
  4. With android 1.6 you can't install on SD card With android 2.1 you can but you have do some stuff for it With android 2.2 you can but you need to install APP2SD aplication from market First upgrade your Optimus to Android 2.1 Tip: Use LG PC Suite and then check for updates and then follow instructions. ;) FOr other things use search in this forum :)
  5. Did you rooted your phone? What version of android you have? Did it works before? Install again android drivers then try
  6. Hrvatski: Nema problema. Glavno da radi i sada znaš da ne možeš spuštati verziju sa 2.1 na 1.6 :angry: English: No problem. Now you know that you can't downgrade from 2.1 on 1.6 version :unsure: B)
  7. Ne možeš downgradati sa 2.1. na 1.6 You can't downgrade from 2.1 to 1.6 Did you try disable LG Modem in Device Manager ????
  8. We all knew this soft and method but there is some phones like Tele2 Croatia that does not yet support Optimus on Android 2.1. Then if you connect that Optimus with this sw it will says that my phone has already newest software (in this case android 1.6) That is why we use KDZ FW UPD tool and beacuse with KDZ FW UPD we can change many other version's of software like Europe Open, Baltic, United Kingdom...
  9. My dear Android phone is not for you ;) You can: - turn off keystroke sound - add notification sound from SD card or any other sound files (try Tone Picker from market) - add file manager from market. It is free. I prefer (ES file explorer) And btw, merry Xmas
  10. what version of software you have. 1.6 or 2.1?
  11. Did you first read this ? :) [FAQ]GT540 Reference Thread !, Everything you need is here http://android.modaco.com/content/lg-gt540...ference-thread/
  12. Flash it with removed SD Card. Hope it that help
  13. Try with europe open rom V20 KDZ Method. It must work. BTW If you just flashed your phone then turn it on and wait for some time if it stays at android logo. It must boot and if it doesn't take out battery for 5 minutes and then try turn it on
  14. 1.) You didn't update to version 2.2 (from sites of LG you can update only to 2.1 :) ) 2.) Your English is very very bad so I didn't understand all of stuff you says but I have managed somehow. 3.) Restart your phone or do FULL RESET then see if it works. press both Volume up + HOME + SEARCH buttons for 5 secs. = FULL RESET :D
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