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  1. If you dont know what theses apps do on the phone, DO NOT DELETE ANY OF THEM. I take NO responsability for BRICKED PHONES. YOU DO THIS AT YOUR OWN FREE WILL AND UNDERSTANDING. Ok, that being said. For thoes that want to free up some space in /system here is a list of the files that reside there. List of Apps taken from UK (Virgin) v.2.1 ROM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apps you can Delete (without causing any system errors) Apps that Might be able to delete (Untested - may cause system errors) Apps that you should NEVER delete --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Accuweather-2.1.8.apk ApplicationsProvider.apk ApplicationsProvider.odex Backup.apk BackupRestoreConfirmation.apk BackupRestoreConfirmation.odex Bluetooth.apk Bluetooth.odex Books.apk Browser.apk Browser.odex BulgarianPack_V48.apk CABLService.apk Calculator.apk Calculator.odex Calendar.apk Calendar.odex CalendarProvider.apk CalendarProvider.odex CalendarWidget.apk CalendarWidget.odex CameraZte.apk CertInstaller.apk CertInstaller.odex ChromeBookmarksSyncAdapter.apk ChromeWithBrowser.apk ChsHandWritePack_V48.apk ChsPack_V48.apk ConfPrompt.apk ConfPrompt.odex ContactWidget.apk Contacts.apk Contacts.odex ContactsProvider.apk ContactsProvider.odex CroatianPack_V48.apk CzechPack_V48.apk DanishPack_V48.apk DataMonitor.apk DataMonitor.odex DefaultContainerService.apk DefaultContainerService.odex DownloadProvider.apk DownloadProvider.odex DownloadProviderUi.apk DownloadProviderUi.odex DrmProvider.apk DrmProvider.odex DutchPack_V48.apk EMode.apk EMode.odex EMode_Spec.apk EMode_Spec.odex Email.apk Email.odex Exchange2.apk Exchange2.odex FM.apk FM.odex Facebook-2.0.apk Facetones-1.331.354.apk FastBoot.apk FastBoot.odex Filer.apk Filer.odex FinnishPack_V48.apk FlashLight.apk GMS_Maps.apk Galaxy4.apk Galaxy4.odex GalleryZte.apk GenieWidget.apk GermanPack_V48.apk Gmail.apk GmsCore.apk GoogleBackupTransport.apk GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk GoogleLoginService.apk GooglePartnerSetup.apk GoogleServicesFramework.apk GreekPack_V48.apk HTMLViewer.apk HTMLViewer.odex HoloSpiralWallpaper.apk HoloSpiralWallpaper.odex HomeLocation.apk HomeLocation.odex HungarianPack_V48.apk InputDevices.apk InputDevices.odex KeyChain.apk KeyChain.odex Kindle- LEDFlashlight.apk LEDFlashlight.odex LatinIME.apk LatinIME.odex Launcher2.apk Launcher_Res.apk LiveWallpapers.apk LiveWallpapers.odex LiveWallpapersPicker.apk LiveWallpapersPicker.odex LunarService.apk LunarService.odex Magazines.apk MagicSmokeWallpapers.apk MagicSmokeWallpapers.odex MediaProvider.apk MediaProvider.odex MediaUploader.apk Mi-EasyAccess.apk Mms.apk Music2.apk MusicFX.apk MusicFX.odex MusicPlayer.apk NetworkLocation.apk NoiseField.apk NoiseField.odex NorwegianPack_V48.apk NoteWidget.apk NotesPad.apk NotesPad.odex PackageInstaller.apk PackageInstaller.odex PartnerBookmarksProvider.apk PartnerBookmarksProvider.odex PhaseBeam.apk PhaseBeam.odex Phone.apk Phone.odex Phonesky.apk PicoTts.apk PicoTts.odex PlusOne.apk PolishPack_V48.apk PrivInit.apk ProfileMgr.apk ProfileMgr.odex Protips.apk Protips.odex Provision.apk Provision.odex QRDUpdate.apk QRDUpdate.odex RestoreAirplaneMode.apk RestoreAirplaneMode.odex RomanianPack_V48.apk SearchWidget.apk SecuritySms.apk SecuritySms.odex SerbianPack_V48.apk Settings.apk Settings.odex SettingsProvider.apk SettingsProvider.odex SharedStorageBackup.apk SharedStorageBackup.odex SimContacts.apk SimContacts.odex SlovakPack_V48.apk SlovenianPack_V48.apk SoundRecorder.apk SoundRecorder.odex Stk.apk Stk.odex StorageMgr.apk StorageMgr.odex Street.apk SwedishPack_V48.apk SystemUI.apk SystemUI.odex Talk.apk TaskManager.apk TaskManager.odex TelephonyProvider.apk TelephonyProvider.odex Timer.apk Timer.odex TouchPal_V48.apk TurkishPack_V48.apk Twitter-3.7.1.apk UserDictionaryProvider.apk UserDictionaryProvider.odex Velvet.apk VideoEditor.apk VideoEditor.odex VideoPlayer.apk Videos.apk VisualizationWallpapers.apk VisualizationWallpapers.odex VoiceSearchStub.apk VpnDialogs.apk VpnDialogs.odex WAPPushManager.apk WAPPushManager.odex WiFiShare.apk WiFiShare.odex WidevineBoot.apk WidevineBoot.odex Wiper.apk Wiper.odex WorldTime.apk WorldTime.odex YouTube.apk ZDM.apk ZTECalendarWidget.apk ZTE_ClockWidget.apk ZteSetupWizard.apk alarming.apk alarming.odex moffice-5.3.1.apk qrd_omadownload.apk qrd_omadownload.odex shutdownlistener.apk shutdownlistener.odex zdmDaemon.apk (If i have made a mistake in this list regarding the functions of the .apk please let me know and i will edit it asap)
  2. After trying a load of odexing scripts on xda (and all over the web). I eventually came across a script by MatrixDJ96 over at xda that works on the ZTE Blade V. Its a simple script that re-odexes only the system apps. Freeing up much needed space for user app installation. So, after flashing a new rom, Delete all the unwanted junk apps that are installed in /system. (Root is required to perform these actions) ----------------------------- Run SystemCleanup (from the app store) to delete all the classes.dex files which is located in the davlink-cache. (its these files that use up space in the User partition of the phone) Reboot Install Odex BladeV.zip file via CWM (this will install Android Terminal Emulator and other files needed to reodex the rom) Once installed reboot phone Open up the Terminal app type: su then odex and follow on screen instructions. Odexing takes a while. Make sure you have enough free space in /system for the new files about 200mb free should be more than enough. once odexing has finished in Terminal just type reboot Then phone will reboot. Finally run SystemCleanup to delete any files left over by the Odexing. --------------------------------- After doing this i Have 225MB free in /system and 969MB free in /data (The reodexing file is not made by me, I just found one that works on our phone all credit goes to MatrixDJ96 at XDA for this. Here is a link to his thread) Odex BladeV.zip
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