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  1. I was talking about RAM, not a storage space. Out of the box SGS2 has 2GB for applications and 12GB for user data.
  2. Got my Sensation yesterday unlocked on Vodafone upgrade. I have to say that after using SGS2 for 4 weeks Sensation is little bit disappointment. Available memory out of the box with no apps installed is about 140MB (compared to 520MB on SGS2). Can't get used to new Sense UI but I've loved it on my old Hero. SGS2 also is much faster out of the box. Sensation feels nice in the hand but seems to be a little bulky and not as sleek as SGS2. One thing i love on Sensation is wifi signal strength which is much better than samsung. As i am quite impatient person i don't wanna wait for unlocked bootloader. I'm sorry HTC, but Sensation goes on sale. :/
  3. I think i could manage another day, it was still about 18% left. I'll see how it goes after update to CM7_95. I'll charge it when it's off then turn it on and unplug the charger. I'm really curious for how long it's gonna last until it dies.
  4. It was CM7_84 now i started charging cause i want to update it to 95. It was 2G+data and wifi occasionally.
  5. I haven't use my blade much for last few days cause I'm playing with SGS2 now but i'm pretty amazed about battery life under CM7. 8 days and 17 hours and still 18% left after few phone calls and about 10 messages!
  6. At Carphone Warehouse they've got sim-free for £495.99 in stock online and in stores. I took one on 12 months contract with Talk Mobile (CPW own MVNO, operates on Vodafone network) with unlimited internet for £25 a month. Handset cost £269 an it's 100% unlocked. :unsure: Edit: It's £569 over 12 months, with unlimited data (fair usage policy), 300 minutes, 1000 texts.
  7. This one is simple and not about benchmarks: LG vs Samsung I didn't realize that 2X is so bad! Bad LG...
  8. It's out of stock in Cambridge. :mellow: Could anyone about 25 miles radius get one for me? Will pay in cash...
  9. I'm quite disappointed too. Music control doesn't work on my Galaxy S, I can change volume levels only... B) There is still not too many apps which support it, I'd really like to have winamp controls support. And it drains my mobile's battery much quicker with bluetooth turned on all the time. I thin i'm gonna sell it. :)
  10. Hmm, i was thinking about one of these: 7" Android Tab with HDMI Did anyone tried one of them? Price looks quite good but i'm not sure does it have capacitive screen? Just wondering, maybe i should just wait for Vega...
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