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  1. lovelymanmk

    HTC One: BlinkFeed

    Thanks for the introduction. Good as usual. So, no more of FriendsStream?
  2. lovelymanmk

    MoDaCo Recommends... Best Social Media Client

    Yet i like official FB & Twitter apps, still find hootsuite more practical in posting to all my social accounts and pages. Like too in managing twitter lists in its streams.
  3. Thaaaaanx a lot. A question though, I know using the new radio xd1 is recommended. However, I found it less in speed than older one xb3. Is there any harm of keeping the old radio for this new update?
  4. Ok, after trying many 2.3.4 ROMs, I'll get back to this one untill google release Arabic support. Only then I'll unroot my phone, lock it again, and get back to original stock phone. I hope it would be soon.
  5. Because of Arabic Support, this rom and Cyanogen's are the prefect one for me and many others (like me). So, we hope Paul will issue the update... At the same time I can say even Cyanogen hasn't fully updated to 2.3.4 with video gtalk. This gives us some hope :D
  6. A lot of poeple are waiting... waiting.... waiting.... :unsure:

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