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  1. meteor isn't sell sim free moto g, I'll try to explain. The version sold by Meteor is marked "EURetailSL". The device is unlocked when you take it out of the box, but it will be locked to the network of the first SIM inserted. But anyway i see seller in ebay that sell code for meteor too
  2. i have signal promblems, only for me? clean install, but signal come and go everytime, can i take radio from dazzozzo's cm?
  3. huawei send me another mail, that confirm the unlock code is correct, how is possible? my phone says that is the wrong code is possible that ihave try to unlock the bootloader more than twice, with the same code and finally will unlock?
  4. so everything works fine with cm11? by the way thanks very much Daz, you rock again :D
  5. hi i tryed dc-unlocker but i have no luck, program didn't give me any bootloader code, i have the right bootloader, check with fastboot so i have sent my request to huawei on monday, but today i didn't recive the code yet, how many days i hae to wait? thank you
  6. man how to decompile apk form cm 10.2? give me some error and i can't go on then i want to change battery icon, can help me?
  7. guys just a thing, if i have cwm, can i flash last nightly without risk of brick? brick maybe only with last recovery edit: i have samsung flash, so what i have to do to have last nightly with kernel 3.4.0?
  8. hey vullneti pls send me that file and i'll try them on my bricked phone where do you find that files? i use my phone because it's already brick, than if work i'll post here the all guide thanks man
  9. i think you have use nvflash and try something with read command, but i'm not sure, stay tuned i'll search it thanks man
  10. hi i have the same problem here, i try to flash rom with huawei 3d launcher from russian forum, when i reboot phone is like dead it don't power on, if i plug with usb cable pc recognize only in apx mode nvflash works, but i don't know what can i flash, i think i need bootloader, what can i do? some one can send me the file? thanks
  11. i think for now this is the best rom at all i made a simple mod that add circle battery and stock browser that isn't in rom http://www63.zippyshare.com/v/94368106/file.html if you want different icon for battery send me image and i'll make for you
  12. i have the network drop iusse, i try patch with ril from cm i have signal but no one can call me any possible fix?
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