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  1. I've had a few customers in with 2013 nexus 7's and have updated them to 4.4 with the update pushed by Google.
  2. advent vega 2 will be release in the UK about september under the name advent storm. thats all the info ive found out but was informed about that today.
  3. Kevrae

    best launcher..

    adw is fully compatible with honeycomb for a few weeks now
  4. yeah that is by design on honeycomb, it has a frame around each home screen.
  5. I think the 127 dpi is the best settings I've found reasonable size one touch screen switch still on desktop and all apps still show as tablet versions oh and kindle works.
  6. really enjoying the speed dpi does seem a bit strange I've even knocked it down to 120 and still seems a bit strange.
  7. really looking forward to giving this a go, great work guys.
  8. they haven't mentioned anything to stores just yet so most stores will take them in for repair but i don't know what the service centre would do once it gets there.
  9. lol read that wrong at first was just wtf! but yeah sort of a complement cheers. I would say there are a few out there (good guys that is). Although we can't tell people exactly how to mod we can let people know about "A great support site that helps you get the best from your vega" lol my words. I do have to be careful as I'm definitely a techie and like to help and share that with people but I do still work for Dixons Retail and so must respect what they say about it, as far as I'm aware if they promote it on advents website I can mention it in passing.
  10. i normally run corvus5 at stock 1ghz, dont get me wrong i really like the speed of the interface i think if rotation, cwm and reboot was working i would probaby stick with it as i use my vega mostly for browsing and forums, which even now it does very well.
  11. Really impressed with the speed haven't had any crashes yet. The overall feel of the from is great very speedy. I have found that if you have to hard reset then switch back on the speakers give out a big scratch (almost cacked myself first time lol). Have noticed while playing captain America game it doesnt feel quite as smooth as say eg corvus5.
  12. downloading now, ill let you guys know. thanks again team.
  13. just to reply to this from a week ago there is now a v1.11 on new vega's now, i performed a setup instore on one and noticed the version number. i must say i haven't used stock since about feb and it has improved a hell of allot very smooth but am still very happy with cm7.
  14. wouldn't worry too much about warranty for changing the rom as the warranty is a hardware warranty and so any changes to software will not affect that as long as you can put it back to factory rom as thats what they will do there testing with.
  15. now that the transformer has come down to £349 in currys i am really debating about getting it over my vega. look forward to a small review from you mate.
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